We love hearing from our favourite brands and we regularly work with PR folk to create mutually beneficial content. With lovely SEO scores (DA37 I’ll have you know) and a wealth of lovely brands we’ve worked with, we’re really proud of how this online magazine takes shape. Have a read to see how you can get involved, and take a look at a few of the brands we’ve collaborated with.

Let’s work together

Do you have a fab bar we must try out? Or a new beauty product our readers should know about? Want to promote your brand in a fun, articulate way to tens of thousands of people a month? Well, why didn’t you say so? We like creating stories, but only long as your product fits with what we’re all about. If you think your client or brand is totally travel,  wonderfully wanderlust, the lap of luxury, or a brilliant bargain, we’d love to hear from you.

Press trips
If you’d rather we experience and create a series of features around your brand or client we do accept press trips, as long as transport is provided. In exceptional circumstances we may fund transport for our writers though, so get in touch. You’ll get way more than just a review, so let us know your thinking and we’ll put a nice little plan together.

If you want to host a competition with Big City, Little Nurse, then let us know. We get thousands of entries per competition so it’s great exposure for your brand or client.

Sponsored posts
We don’t have ad spaces available on Big City, Little Nurse as this is a banner-free zone, however, we can accept featured posts and sponsored content. Prices are competitive and we can create content tailored to your budget. Unfortunately we won’t just plop your press release or pre-existing content you’ve created on site as we’re extremely precious about house style. I’ve been writing for national newspapers and magazines for years, and my job relies on my creating quality content for a range of clients. All posts will be written to the highest standards.

PR people
Oh you’re a lovely bunch. If you have a product, sample or press release you want us to know about get in touch and we’ll talk. Just so you know, we love cupcakes here. Hint.

Email us on press@bigcitylittlenurse.co.uk.