Big City, Little Nurse

Big City, Little Nurse (formerly six out of ten magazine) charts the highs and lows of a UK student nurse, through placements to the baffling world of the NHS and uni life in between. Of course, it’s all about fun, too, so on our off duty we cover travel and city life. Ideally, we’d be jetting off to NYC every month but until nurses are given that 198% pay rise, London and Chelmsford are the main focus points.


It’s a place where honest reviews meet informative content, with a little light-hearted fun along the way.


The magazine was founded one drizzly, grey day back when blogs was a surname of some guy called Joe and only losers spent their Saturday nights typing away on a desktop PC (seriously, I’m not even sure iPhones were even a thing). With a background in journalism and PR, and experience working with some of the biggest international brands as a creative copywriter and travel marketeer, I curate and create the things you read. Doesn’t that sound so poncey?


I absolutely love London. And as a London blogger, for me it’s all about what’s new and old in the city I’ve called home for over a decade. I work with some of the best brands and agencies, as well as keeping my ear to the ground, to bring our readers the next best thing.


I don’t do it single-handedly though, as there’s a team of talented writers behind me covering all the bases.

pizza union kings cross review

We’ve worked with bars and restaurants all over London and the world New York, Thailand, Paris and beyond.

three six six battersea review

We’ve seen the launches of some incredible bars across the globe, covering their journey from start to success.

We’ve also travelled First Class with some of the best travel agencies and tourism authorities in the world. It’s fast becoming the only way to travel!