The biggest transformations that everyone should t...

The biggest transformations that everyone should try at least once

Life is always changing. We move to different cities, meet new people, discover great places to eat and drink, but for some people, our appearance can stay exactly the same. Why is that? Why could we be so bold to go on a Tinder date with a complete stranger or enrol in a university to study something for 4+ years, but be so frightened to change one single thing about our physical appearance? I get it, you find your ‘look’ and stay relatively happy with that, not daring to change in case your new colleagues or partner might start to dislike you.

The coolest people are never the ones who stay the same, but the ones who experiment in life and dare to be different. So, I propose to you a notion, a thought, to try out some of the following transformations (where applicable) simply one time. Hey, if you attempt something new and hate it, at least you’ll know for sure!

Switch up that hairstyle or colour

This is likely to be the first port of call when it comes time to begin a big physical transformation. Hair is understandably something that we have a lot of trepidation about when scissors get close to it. Last-minute thoughts of “Oh God what was I thinking?” when your hair does get cut are normal, but after the initial shock of looking at a (somewhat) different person in the mirror, you’ll likely come to love the “new you.” Whether it’s going from long hair to a bob, getting extensions, shaving the sides, dyeing it from brown to blonde like I have done recently, or even shaving it off completely a la Britney Spears in 2007, the sense of liberation after trying something completely new with your hair is unrivalled.

Get rid of those glasses

Remember that phase several years ago when people started wearing geeky glasses with clear lenses? Yep, me too. Not that this was a terrible trend, per se, but I just felt bad for all the people who actually wore glasses all those years and were mocked for looking ‘nerdy’. It goes to show how much can change over time. Well, now that wearing glasses is evidently cool, how about you go against the grain and lose those spectacles? For people who wear glasses for most of their lives, the idea of not having them might be therapeutic and terrifying in equal measure, but luckily, contact lenses do exist and are there to be used. CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson, Proclear… the brand doesn’t matter so much, just see how it feels to go outside without “four eyes”.

Improve your posture

I don’t want to write so much on physical transformation via yoga or the gym, as we all know that we should be doing that more! But what I believe to be just as important to fitness, is actually your posture. Walking with your head down, slumping in your chair, or standing with your shoulders hunched are all prime examples of really bad posture. It’s not just about avoiding back and neck pain, but simply looking better when you walk. Good posture is certainly tied to confidence, as when you feel like you look good on the outside, it helps you on the inside. Be sure you know the difference between good and bad posture.

Those are just three options when it comes to making a big transformation, but of course, switching up your fashion, wearing new accessories, styling your make up differently, or even being incredibly bold and trying out a piercing or tattoo are other ways you can break the idea that you are boring or unwilling to adjust. Hey, hair grows back and glasses can be worn again, but regrets last forever.