Glitter cocktails and blindfolds at Smith & S...

Glitter cocktails and blindfolds at Smith & Sinclair’s Flavour Rooms, N1

The guys who made inhalable cocktails, scratch and sniff booze, and edible bubbles are back with a sensory experience to rival all others. Smith & Sinclair’s multi­-sensorial experience, The Flavour Gallery, has arrived in London’s East End and isn’t it a treat? The gallery pop-up invites the public to consume art in ways they never imagined by using all their senses to explore each piece of original artwork.

Now, I’m not a fan of art galleries. I’ve never seen the allure of staring at a painting for hours on end. I know that’s the way some people like to spend their free time, but it’s just not enough for me. Bring on The Flavour Rooms at this oh-so-special gallery, which serves to show people like me that art doesn’t need to be all looksie no touchy. Feelable exhibitions, thermal walls, inhalable aromas and lots more will challenge perceptions of how art should be consumed. Brave ones will be blindfolded and taken through the tactile room, using only their hands, eyes and noses to experience art in a totally different way. Oh, and blogger favourite God’s Own Junkyard have donated some illuminating displays to boot.

This is an alcohol themed pop-up, so visitors will also get their hands on cocktail pastilles (that’s right, they’re 7% ABV) to munch, nibble and well, anything-but sip on to take the experience that little bit further. Think: sweets that are not suitable for the kids unless you fancy a call from social services. Once your mind’s been suitable challenged actual real-life drink-from-a-glass creations, such as charcoal and glitter cocktails including or sans alcohol, will also be on offer for punters who need to unwind after all that stimulation.

The gallery will only be around for a while on select Wednesdays to Sundays before it disappears into oblivion, so be sure to book a £15 ticket before it’s too late. Not in London? Definitely get your hands on some those boozy sweets. It’ll be worth it.

To book tickets, click here.

The Hoxton Basement, 12-18 Drysdale Street, London, N1 6ND
Old Street, Shoreditch High Street, Hoxton