New things are coming… goodbye six out of te...

New things are coming… goodbye six out of ten

This announcement is something that’s been a long time coming. And with the end of my first year at uni in reachable sight, and a few extra pennies coming my way, it’s time.

After seven years of six out of ten, it’s time to change. In a few short weeks, six out of ten will be no more, and in its place will be Big City, Little Nurse.

Big City, Little Nurse

Big City, Little Nurse will focus on city living, travels, and all aspects of being a student nurse – from placements to the NHS, uni life and moving on to getting my NMC pin.

My life is so dramatically different now compared to 2010. A much-needed divorce from someone who just was so unhappy and negative it affected me more than I care to accept, a new healthy, fun, and refreshing partner who has supported me through some difficult times, mainly losing the most special man who ever was and ever will be, dad, and a completely new career path (plus a fluffy new kitten joining the ranks) means six out of ten just isn’t, well, me anymore. What was started as a lifestyle magazine with a plethora of writers covering everything from opinions to reviews isn’t what I want this little slice of internet to be going forward.

My dad always said this site would go on to great things, and despite me not believing him in the slightest, it really has. It’s sent us across the world, it’s seen us dine at the world’s greatest restaurants, it’s seen us sleep in some of the world’s best hotels, and it’s been a way for me to earn extra cash (although tax has kinda made it more pocket change than big bucks).

Now, with my degree taking up another two years of my life, and the confidence that I’ve actually passed first year, I want this place to be something I don’t look back on with memories tied to the past.

On to the technical bits.

The site will look very much unchanged. It’ll still have the same colours, template, images etc. All this is, really, is a name change. Perhaps down the line, the site will evolve, but at least readers will know what they’re getting now. It’s all about travel, wherever that may be, combined with the aching responsibilities of a nursing career. I’ll also be featuring other nurses and students as they work their way through the NHS.

Basically, it’ll do what it says on the tin!

Thanks to all readers, past, present and (hopefully) future for the incredible support. Without you guys stopping by every now and then, without the little comments that are left, this little place wouldn’t nearly be as fun.

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