Fashion 101: Dressing for a winter wedding

Fashion 101: Dressing for a winter wedding

This year, the wedding season has somehow already started for us — and it has left me rather puzzled. Since the majority of weddings are in the spring and summer, I wasn’t really prepared when we got the wedding invitation in the mail and the date was for November!

My I-remember-you-being-born, why-did-you-poop-on-the-rug-as-a-toddler, when-did-you-get-so-old Sicilian cousin has met the girl of his dreams and even though the wedding is in Sicily, it’s still going to be a chilly one.

I mean, what does one wear to a winter wedding? It just seemed that my slinky evening dresses and cute cocktail dresses just weren’t going to cut it. For one, it’s still freezing outside and I would prefer to be comfortable and avoid hypothermia.

So, in my desperate need to figure out a great outfit that wouldn’t leave me shivering and would stay on-point, I decided to do a little research into the matter. And in case any of you are asking yourselves the same thing, here are my findings.

winter wedding fashion

Starting with the Basics

Apart from wanting to stay warm and not completely out of trend, I also – being the frugal fashion fan that I am – didn’t want to spend a fortune to get the right look.

Since I don’t anticipate going to many winter weddings, I figured it was probably best to buy something that can work for both formal and less formal occasions so that I could get more wear out of it. Being honest, something from Topshop or New Look wasn’t going to cut it. Brands Uta Raasch and Emillia Lay (via Peter Hahn, who gave me some handy hints below, too) have some good options for winter weddings that are chic and feminine, but also not too over the top, so you can wear them again for other less formal occasions.

Other than aiming for a little versatility, these are a few of the things that you should keep in mind when shopping for your winter wedding look.

winter wedding fashion

Winter Wedding Outfit Guidelines

So we all know the basic rule of don’t wear white, but what about the rest? There are a few agreed upon wedding guest wardrobe faux pas, but even they can leave you wondering about what is winter appropriate. The majority of winter wardrobes aren’t bursting with colour, and you don’t want to sport a look that is better suited for a funeral than a wedding. So to stay in the clear, focus on these tips:

winter wedding fashion

Consider length

Shorter designs should be paired with tights, otherwise going with a floor-length design is a better way to cover up and keep warm.

Consider Fabric

Go with heavier fabrics when you can, as light chiffon is a little too breezy for the harsh winter cold. Velvet is very big for winter weddings, but not everyone is confident enough to pull that off. Jacquard is also a great winter fabric option, and perhaps a little easier to pair with shoes and bag.

Consider sleeve design

If you can, go with something that has sleeves. Even a short sleeve or three quarter length is better than dainty spaghetti straps in winter. Look for lacy sleeves if you’re not usually a fan. Otherwise, cover up with a feminine pashmina, elegant jacket or cardigans that won’t detract from the formal aspect of the dress.

Consider Colour

Even if you enjoy pastels, they aren’t really suitable for a winter wedding and can look out of place. Deepen your colour pallet with darker hues – think deep teals and crimson reds. That being said, you don’t have to stray away entirely from colour. If everyone wore all black, it would be a rather lacklustre event – unless the dress-code requests it.

Consider Footwear

It’s best to be a little more practical when it comes to footwear. Stay away from suede for the obvious reasons, stick to something closed-toe that will keep you warm and dry, and make sure it is something that you can walk in without risks of slipping on snow or black ice.

Consider Accessorising

Sometimes going with a simpler look is best, because it can always be dressed up with the right accessories. From statement necklaces and earrings, to bracelets, even a great belt. And don’t forget a fabulous clutch to piece it all together (I suggest a Kate Spade, of course). The little details can make a big difference when building an outfit.

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