Interior trends for 2017: Getting the New York loo...

Interior trends for 2017: Getting the New York look

David and I are so, so excited about our upcoming trip to New York. Flying on the 25th December means we get to leave the cold, dark nights of London for, well, the cold dark nights of NYC. But there’s something so magical about everything over there. Whether it’s the damp steam rising through the hard, concrete pavement, the grey, looming buildings with windows all lit up and bright, or the swathes of shoppers carrying bags of all shapes and sizes looking to snag a bargain on Fifth Avenue, New York has something that London lacks.

And that’s from a certified London fan.

This year, with the benefit of oodles of luggage space afforded to Upper Class Virgin Atlantic fliers, we’re hoping to bring back some key pieces to transform our very own small but sweet apartment into something a bit more US. So, what trends will we be looking for? Certainly nothing marble, rose gold, or copper if style mavens are to be trusted. Sorry bloggers, time to get with the, er, times and bin those geometric candle holders and weighty marble knick-knacks. They’re so 2016. And let’s be honest, who wants to remember this year, seriously?

2017 will be king of nature, with greens and blues being used in wild abundance and jewels and metals giving those little twinkling touches for for any space. And speaking of space, fans of the stars will be most pleased with next year’s galactic upcoming trends too…

What will you be bringing into your home next year?

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Greens and blues on the darker shade of the spectrum

Rich, forest greens and teal blues deep in colour are expected to be huge in 2017. We’re done with pastels and florals. Pretty pinks and lavender hues are over and done with. Next years it’s about being bold and draping the place with dominant colours guaranteed to wow guests and looks gorgeous with any decor. While those who love florals might faint at the idea of a leaf-green wall, designers are saying we don’t need to go that fair. Keep the room airy and use throws and rugs, and of course the lovely scatter cushion, to create a living space in tune with nature. If you’re more pastel than pine and not too sure how to bring nature into a space, think about an online home decor tutorial to get the basics. A pro should be able to help you decide what to bin and what to bring.

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Bin the chalk and get out the cork

After New Year celebrations, save all the cork tops you can. Rather than the blackboard painted wall trend that’s been in for the last couple of years, corkboards can be used effectively to create workable statement areas for all the family to use as their weekly planner. The key is soft natural materials to match a deep and brooding colour scheme.

Copper? Nah mate, it’s all about steel

Polished and shiny is gone. It’s gone. In its place will be brushed metals such as steel and aluminium giving a rather more industrial feel to bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces. Forget those boring mass-manufactured items that everyone and his dog has. 2017 is about one-of-a-kind vintage metals sourced from charity shops and thrift stores. It doesn’t even need to be metallic to begin wit. Think ceramics being repurposed with silver-toned paints, vintage tin cans and nanna’s old silverware framed perfectly on the wall.

Out with marble, in with timber

The Swedes have been in the forefront of using wood and timber to create cosy spaces suitable for both long summer days and even longer winter nights. Driftwood repurposed into key statement items and bare wooden frames should be released – anyone thinking of painting over wood needs a serious talking to. remember, 2017 is about making the most of the natural resources we have, all with a rough and ready feel. Sure, use varnish here and there. But as long as there’s no chance of getting a splinter, 2017 is all about leaving it be.

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Keep calm and tear down typography

Brush pen quotes were pretty. But honestly, they’re pretty done. Every blogger and their mum has some brush quoted mantra hanging somewhere. But really, it’s overdone. Instead, choosing wooden frames with vintage maps, pressed flowers and brushed metals will be much more trendy. Again, the key is to keep walls as plain as possible and use key trend pieces to accentuate as and where you want. Just, less the ‘the world is a book and those who don’t travel need their legs removing’ and other such gubbins.

To the stars…

With deep greens and especially royal blues being colours of the year, it’s only natural to want to bring shooting stars indoors, right? Right. And while getting your hands on meteorite might not be so possible geodes, quartz, and other ethereal jewels should be used copiously. Think this way: if it would belong in the Science Museum, it’s right for 2017.

So this is a small summary of a few items we’ll be looking to source in NYC to bring a bit of their big city back to our big city. We’ve enlisted the help of NYC-based Lindsay Biondo of Get Decorated (who inspired this post) to help. We can’t wait to get shopping in the Big Apple and transform our flat.