Here’s how to: Give your bedroom a hotel bou...

Here’s how to: Give your bedroom a hotel boudoir makeover

Regular readers of six out of ten know of my desire for the more luxurious side of life. The champagne lifestyle on a Tesco’s Own lemon squash budget. So, whether that’s receiving celebrity quality spa treatments at a pauper’s price tag, or spending the night in a luxury hotel room (even if it’s just one night), getting a little luxury can be done. Bringing that luxury feeling home with me has been a challenge – or more specifically, turning my lovely flat into an exquisite, luxurious oasis akin to some of London’s top hotels to capture that relaxing feeling and be able to live it over and over again every day. Hey, it saves the pennies, right?

The Amba Hotel's gorgeous pillows

The Amba Hotel’s gorgeous pillows

Getting that luxury bedding down to a tee

Luxury hotel rooms are the epitome of plush gorgeousness. Think about the last time you stayed in a hotel with four or five stars. Aside from promising a comfortable stay and a great night’s sleep, they are just so beautifully designed to make you feel perfectly calm and at peace. So, of course, who wouldn’t want to try and recreate this feeling? You? Of course not. But trying to find those little pieces of elegant décor and bedding isn’t easy. Or, at least it wasn’t until Zara Home came out with their hotel collection. Including luxury embroidered bed linens of exceptional quality and in elegant prints, as well as throws and decorative scatter cushions, even curtains fit for a palace – this collection has all that you need to create that extravagant hotel look. Once you’ve settled on the perfect linens and bedding, just pile on the pillows and blankets for that ‘I SO never want to get out of bed’ feeling hotel beds are known for.

Their latest collection is all sultry reds and golds, ready for festive snuggling and mulled wine spillages.

Guess how much this lamp cost in the Plaza's £1500 a night room?

Guess how much this lamp cost in the Plaza’s £1500 a night room?

Completing the comfort factor

Plain and simple, the comfort factor is all about an extremely plushy duvet and good quality pillow – all decorative accents aside. You should already know that I’m not a fan of feather pillows. Nothing against ducks and their feathers, but they just don’t seem to agree with me. In fact, that was my only ‘complaint’ from when I stayed at the Sofitel St. James, linked at the very top of this post (go ooooon, give it a read).

I’m told by hotel insiders that having a Pillow Menu of some kind to allow guests to choose where they lie their weary head gets them in the good books. Over in NYC, Andaz Wall Street allows guests to tweet the hotel to get a pillow of their choice, which I did along with some American snacks and candies. So after trying a firmer foam option in the States, it’s only logical to bring that comfort back home to the flat. I now have a memory foam pillow, like the stuff found in those mattresses, and the key to an amazingly comfortable night. Simple things like this can make an ordinary bedroom a real sleep haven. In fact, to go the whole nine yards, think about investing in a foam mattress like these here. They even offer a SEVEN FOOT SQUARE beauty for those who love to wriggle and are accused of bed-hogging [cue: David telling me that I am, in fact, a hogger]. Honestly, it’s on my wishlist. Might not fit in the room, but that’s a minor issue.

If you are a fan of the haven feel, spring for some cotton silk mix sheets, or at least a silk pillowcase to keep your hair shiny and smooth.

It’s all about the en suite

Achieving that hotel look and feel is all about paying attention to the little touches. You may not be able to commit to a bathroom renovation and install a rain shower fit for a Dubai billionaire, but small accents like luscious towels and gorgeous soap dispensers go a long way to turning a bedroom en suite bathroom into that luxury hotel bathroom oasis. The H&M Serene Sanctuary winter collection has an incredibly gorgeous (and affordable) array of bathroom accessories. From stunning stoneware or glass bathroom sets (starting from £6), to spa-quality towels in soothing patterns and shades, this collection is perfect for achieving that elegant touch iconic to luxury hotels without having to sell a kidney.

Amba Marble Arch's fluffy towels

Amba Marble Arch’s fluffy towels

That’s really all there is to it. High street fashion brands are branching out into homeware, so look for decor in Primark, Next and M&S too. Luxury hotels are so comfortable and inviting because they pay attention to all of the little details. Everything is decorated in complementary patterns and tones – usually beiges, golds and greys – they use exceptional quality linens to optimise on comfort, and they add serene touches to the bathroom to give it that extra touch of refinement. Achieving the luxury hotel look in your own bedroom is much easier than expected, you just need to know where to look for those items that get all of those little details just right. Thanks to eve Matress for the inspo for this post!

What hotel touches are you trying to recreate in your bedroom?