Shaking cocktails and salted caramel at Slug and L...

Shaking cocktails and salted caramel at Slug and Lettuce Brentwood

Sometimes, Tuesday night cocktails are needed. After a whirlwind few weeks settling into nursing school, David and I booked into Brentwood Slug and Lettuce to try out their new menu and give a few cocktails a go. As in, we made and we drank. Oh, how we drank. Who knew the local bar – famed for a fine night out – could be as fun on a weekday as it is on the weekend?


Offering more than the local pub or cheap-shot ‘spoons, the Slug in Brentwood has always been the glittery place most folk head to start and end a good night out. It’s pretty, shiny new and has a great selection of booze for boys and girls. Little did we know cocktail making (£25) is now part of its repertoire.


We had a session booked for 7pm, and lo and behold our table was ready to go with a glass of fizzy prosecco waiting. We started with making mojitos, a classic drink and one of my favourites. I’m not massively coordinated and I dare say David’s days pulling pints were a little less classy that fresh cocktails, so we were total newbies to the entire shebang. Not letting a little bit of fear getting in the way, we muddled mint and sloshed in sugar syrup, creating – if i do say so myself – one of the nicest mojitos I’ve had. We were totally free to add as much or as little of alcohol as we wanted but decided to stick to the pro’s recommendations.


Given a little time to sip on our creations, we ordered from the menu. Choosing Pulled Pork Steam Buns (£4.79) and Mozzarella and Tomato Tapenade (£4.59) to start, followed by the Bacon and Cheese Beefburger (£9.79) and Smothered Chicken (£8.29).


While we waited for the chef to cook up our chow, it was time to get busy making Cosmo cocktails. This was less messy but way more delicious (to me, anyway). We loaded our shakers with ice before adding cranberry juice, vodka and a whole host of ingredients. Shaking as much as our arms could take we were told to carry on until the metal got way too cold to hold. With hands a-freezing, we knocked the shaker and poured the drink into our cocktail glasses. YUM. That’s the only word.

With the table cleared and drinks to devour the food soon arrived and it was further YUM. The pulled pork buns were so filling, and the burger and fries were delicious. David tried to keep it a bit more keto-friendly than I did and enjoyed his meal just as much as me. If not a little more.


Giving in to temptation we decided to order a cheeky dessert. The Profiterole Sharer (£5.99). It was well worth the incredinly low cost. Just take a read: A selection of flavoured profiteroles. Praline flavoured profiteroles coated in crunchy hazelnut pieces, vanilla flavoured cookie crumb profiteroles and plain profiteroles with dairy cream. All served with a salted caramel sauce, strawberries and caramel & brandy popcorn. I’ll be honest, I licked the salted caramel pot clean.


To finish the cocktail masterclass we had a choice: a Jaegerbomb, or a Skittle Bomb. Too heavy for a Tuesday? No way! We went for the latter and said our goodbyes to the guys, before strolling home with full bellies and merriness.

From Brentwood to Bristol, Southampton to Southend, and pretty much everywhere in between, we’d definitely recommend the masterclass for a great night out. The cocktails can be customised for each party and non-drinkers can get involved with alcohol-free options. For £25, you get a welcome drink, ingredients and such to make two cocktails, a buffet to graze on (all the better to soak up what’s to come) and a Jaeger/Skittlebomb to finish. Now that’s not too shabby at all, is it?


Thanks to Slug and Lettuce Brentwood for having us over, we’ll be back at the weekend for sure!

Check out the new menu and party options on site.

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