A rather extravagant evening with Brockman’s...

A rather extravagant evening with Brockman’s Gin

There’s no getting away from the fact we’re pretty obsessed with gin at the moment. The super hot weather just lends itself to a refreshing G&T on our balcony, watching the trains come and go between London as the sun starts to set behind Canary Wharf and its giant glass offices.

The one thing we have noticed, however, is just how extravagant gin is becoming. Simple botanicals and your standard London Dry are well in the past. It’s not about masking a gin with a hefty squeeze of lemon and copious amounts of tonic water. The evolution of the gin drinker means floral and fruity is well and truly in – tasting gin rather than just using it as a refreshing tipple.

So after an intriguingly secretive invite to a dinner with Brockman’s Gin, who promised an evening we wouldn’t be forgetting for a while, how could we say no? We couldn’t. And we’re so glad we didn’t. I mean, this is a gin. A GIN.

when ginger met ruby

Travelling from London’s Harley Street all the way over to Shoreditch on a very warm London night, we had no idea what was about to happen to our eyes, ears and especially tongues. I mean, it was a low-key start – in fact on a day when London melted, being told you could only have one drink (ONE DRINK) wasn’t fun – but boy did it go from there. Who doesn’t want a magician making a G&T with cards aplenty followed by A MAN DROPPING FROM THE ROOF CLINGING TO A CURTAIN finishing it off? It was almost like watching Binxie cat in action.

brockmans gin

That pretty much set the tone for the evening. Everything was sublime. The three-course meal of a salmon starter, venison mains and steamed chocolate ball for dessert was paired with a Brockman’s Gin creation proving you can pair gin with any type of meal. Game. Sweet. Healthy. Sinful. Alright, the barman dropped a huge G&T all over my table narrowly missing my lap, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. WHEY HEY HEY. Double gin spillage pun. The food was phenomenally good, and the venison, in particular, was beautiful. In fact, everything about the food was stellar. You wouldn’t necessarily pair fine dining with gin, but Brockman’s isn’t one bottle off the supermarket shelf. It’s a special one. So you can. And you should.

like no other

It didn’t stop with fine food and creative cocktails. The Human Jukebox Mike Bowen hammered out two of our favourite all-time songs after a little bit of heckling on my part, and the drink-making magician totally flummoxed my tiny chimp mind with a few tricks.

So what about the gin? It was difficult to pick up the real taste of the neat spirit, given how much fruit and how many other extras found their way into the glass throughout the night. After getting my hands on a classic G&T, though, I was mightily impressed. A refreshing, bold flavour that wows with each sip. If you’re a fan of fruity, then Brockman’s is for you.

brockman's gin

‘But why the extravagance for a gin?’ I hear you ask! It was a question we asked on the night, too, which was spookily answered 30 seconds later. Clearly, the gin folk had bugged the table. The gin was created with the mantra, like no other. A drink smooth enough to drink neat over ice or with a handful of berries. Make a negroni with it, or try a gin cosmo. It’s fruity and flirty, which for a gin is pretty unheard of.

The evening certainly fit the ethos. It certainly was like no other.