Online dating? Your OUTFIT affects your chances of...

Online dating? Your OUTFIT affects your chances of a match, and we’ve proved it

You’ve given up on Tinder, don’t want to pay for and can’t even work out eHarmony, so you give Bumble –the female-friendly dating app that lets the girl make the first move – a go. But you’ve still had no luck getting laid. Ever thought that maybe you’re wearing the wrong outfit for the kind of guy you want to attract? Probably, but you’ve already tried following the advice from your so-coupled-up-it-hurts friends, from ‘wear a low-cut top’ to ‘stay away from the Snapchat filters’, that you don’t even know which pictures to use anymore. Luckily, Lyst – the high tech fashion brand – has tested it.

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Over the course of five days, the young, fun and single Yaz swiped right to 1000 men (200 per day) aged 24-35, changing her outfit with every 24-hour period based on what was trending on Lyst over the month of August. From man-repelling chic to hipster in ironic sportswear via full-on Kardashian glam, she tried out different looks to find out which one would most likely score a date. And also – with whom. It’s worth noting that in her quest to find out what men thought of her outfit, Yaz started each chat with a line on what the guy was wearing in his profile to lure him into the topic of clothing.

Now, we can’t promise that the results will guarantee you’ll find the one, but you might get a free dinner out of it.

Fashionista’s favourites

First up, on Monday, was an outfit your fashion-conscious friends would love. Think striped high-rise palazzo pants with a cropped T-shirt and oversized sunglasses. And the kind of guys that go for it? Teachers and analysts apparently. Out of the 200 lucky guys who got a right swipe on Monday, 56% resulted in a match. Cam*, 29, was a fan. Cam ‘likes messy hair’. Kind of missed the point there, Cam…

Clingy and contoured

Moving on to day two, Tuesday. Heavily inspired by that famous family with alliterative ‘K’ names, Tuesday’s look consisted of a bandage dress and not much else (other than a full face of make-up). Not surprisingly, guys loved it. Though it was mostly city boys – consultants and directors in the finance sector. With 75% of swipes leading to a match, the general consensus was akin to the heart eyes emoji. Russell*, 27, says ‘tight dresses are good. I prefer dresses to jeans and trousers.’ Good to know, Russell.

Boho beauty

Wednesday saw a more low-key look. Day three was all about the boho girl, though more Coachella-cool than Sienna Miller circa 2004. A simple off-the-shoulder top, minimal make-up and hair in loose waves, not to mention the statutory flower crown, was all that was needed. With a 21% match rate, the boho look turned out to be the least popular. But with the highest rate of engagement, particularly among lawyers and doctors, it turns out this might just be the style to adopt if you’re looking for a more meaningful connection. Milan*, 25, loved it. ‘Flower headbands look great on you. Wild guess, you’ve recently been to a festival?’ No prizes for guessing, Milan.

Nirvana t-shirts (hipsters only)

The penultimate outfit turned out to be most appealing to the marketing and creative types. Thursday was all about the casual hipster look – turned-up mum jeans, faded Adidas T-shirt, snapback and trainers. With 48% of swipes resulting in a match, these dudes turned out to be the ones who commented on the fashion the most. However, Dan*, 30, did highlight one slight issue with dressing like a tomboy: ‘Are we going to be one of those couples that dress the same? I have the same outfit.’ #relationshipgoals.

Jeans and jumpers

On the final day, Friday, it was all about the classic preppy look. No trends, just classic wardrobe staples. Buttoned-up polo shirt and cashmere sweater tied around the shoulders. It turned out to be most popular with accountants, but you can’t really expect much else with an outfit inspired by your dad’s golf gear. Safe to say, none of the men really commented on the outfit. But, Tom*, 29, proved to be quite talkative, responding with the highly original chat-up line, ‘How are you? Apart from being super cute?’. Charming as he was, Tom got swiftly un-matched.

So, the results from Lyst’s fashion-focused social experiment show that the contour queen look will most likely get you a bee in your Bumble hive. However, if that’s not really your vibe, there’s a whole host of other sartorial options that will hopefully land you a date, or at the very least, a reply. Whether it’s channelling your inner Leandra Medine or wearing your imaginary boyfriend’s closet (aka your ex’s) chances are, you’ll get that magical notification of, you guessed it – a match. And if they don’t like your outfit/couldn’t care less what you’re wearing, then just keep on swiping…

Or alternatively, switch to Bumble BFF mode. There are definitely girls on there who’ll happily spend hours discussing where you got your shoes from. You might even make a lasting connection out of it.

*Names have been changed