Interview // Illustrations and Etsy with Tarnya of...

Interview // Illustrations and Etsy with Tarnya of Sweet Allure

Every now and then, a blogger with serious talent shows up on our radar. So when I spotted Tarnya of Sweet Allure – a blogger I’ve been following for a while now – start to tweet her gorgeous illustrations, I just had to know more. From flamingoes to film icons, she’s been selling her prints and illustrations on Etsy, with custom orders coming in week by week. And we can totally see why. Look how gorgeous they are! And at just £3.50 a pop, they’re perfect for getting that totally Pinterest-worthy interior.

Tarnya, 26 from Sheffield, Video Game Tester and Blogger at Sweet Allure


So Tarnya, you’ve been blogging at Sweet Allure since 2015. Your blog is a real cacophony of colour and creativity. But we’d love to ask about you and your venture into illustrations. What’s your process for each piece?

Once I’ve decided on what to draw, I usually draw a rough outline sketch of the object, then I decide on which style I’m going to go for. A lot of the animals I do I like to a continuous line drawing for the details and then fill in with a little watercolour to finish it off. For my more creative watercolour pieces I tend to sketch a rough outline then go in heavy with the watercolours first, giving it lots of colour and brightness and then I add a very simple detail in with a biro pen afterwards, it all really depends on which style I decide for a piece!

That sounds great. But how do you decide what you’re going to draw?

I get inspiration from everything really, films, TV shows, nature, Video Games, books and cool stuff I find on Pinterest, obviously! It honestly depends on what I feel like drawing when I sit down.

What’s your best-selling illustration at the moment?

I think my most popular illustration at the minute is my Harry Potter Deathly Hallows print, but only by a smidgen! My elephant is pretty popular too!

So you take inspiration from, well, anything really as your Harry Potter prints . So let’s see what could be appearing in your Etsy store soon. What’s your favourite film?

My favourite film has always been FightClub. The writer of the book is my all time favourite author, who i’ve met and is brilliant in real life too! I’d read FightClub and loved it and when I eventually saw the film it was everything I expected and more. It’s one of those films you can watch over and over and always notice something new each time.

How about your favourite animal?

This is hard, but I think at the minute my favourite animals are otters, they hold hands when sleeping so they don’t drift apart, I mean, how cute is that?!

Ah yes, I remember seeing a lovely picture on your mantelpiece of two otters. Plus, they’re great at stacking tubs together too – so they’re creative for sure! How about your favourite city?

I think my favourite city I’ve visited is Berlin. I’ve never been to America but Berlin is very Americanised and I really liked that, huge boulevards, wide pavements, huge shopping centres. It also has so much culture, from the art to the history its a city really bursting with things to do and see.

If someone wanted something specific drawn for them, would you take on the challenge of a custom order?

Yes I do take custom orders. I had my first proper custom order last week which was really fun to do, it was Spongebob and Garry for a little girls room and I’m secretly jealous I’m sending them off, as the colours worked out really pretty and bright!

If you could draw something for your favourite person in the world, what would you draw?

I think if I could draw anything I’d draw otters and stingrays and give them to my fiance Nick, as they are our favourite animals and it’d be quite a sweet and personal gift to give.

Be sure to check out the Sweet Allure Etsy store, and if you’re in the mood for a new blog to read, be sure to check out her musings and gorgeous lifestyle posts. If you have an idea for a print, get in touch with Tarnya who can run through her custom process. At just £12 for an exclusive it’s worth it!