So Binxie is famous thanks to Clever Little Doodle

So Binxie is famous thanks to Clever Little Doodle

So, Binxie is famous. After a photo of her hugging my head went viral, bagging close to half a million views on this here Inter Net, the lovely Ashley from Clever Little Doodle, someone I’ve never heard of nor met before nor even lives in the same continent, decided to surprise me with a custom doodle of the Binxatronic 5000 living her dreams of mac ‘n’ cheese.

Ashley’s aim is simple: to bring a random stranger some happiness and a smile with a quick little picture worthy enough to stick on anyone’s fridge. The site is full of happy moments he sees online all captured and drawn and coloured in – I can honestly (and proudly) say after my surgery this weekend I squealed with delight when I saw Binxie immortalised in ink, especially as it was so random. If I had the talent, I’d love to think I could put a smile on someone’s face with a doodle whenever I wanted to, too. I can’t draw to save my life, so I thought I’d share the love on here.

So thank you Ashley (if you’re reading this), Binxie loves that you’ve managed to capture her fabulous side. I can’t wait to see who you choose next!

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