A very luxury London gin o’clock with Givini...

A very luxury London gin o’clock with Givinity

You may have noticed gin is all the rage these days. It’s an incredibly popular drink that has moved away from traditional dry London tastes to more floral, fruity Mediterranean notes. The demand for new and improved blends, particularly in a city as cosmopolitan as London, brings the best out of the spirit industry. Here at 610 HQ we loved overseas attempts at gin, such as the Med’s Gin Mare and the French Citadelle Gin, so the chance to try Givinity, a London-born and bred dry gin that oozes class and luxury, was too good to refuse. After all, we’re Londoners at heart, so there’s something extra special about a gin connected to our favourite city.

The great thing about G&T is how refreshing it is. A slice of lemon or lime later and voila, refreshment. Which is why, on the hottest day of the year so far, Givinity’s London dry gin and tonic, as well as their Raspberry Gin Liqueur Spritz went down an absolute treat when we paid them a visit. The setting for the launch event was just as luxurious as the gin too. After stolling across London, we entered a glitzy Rolls Royce showroom on Berkeley Square, with the obligatory Russian oligarchs (unsubstantiated rumour) looking to purchase one of Britain’s finest cars, of course.

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After the Russian family had left, satisfied with what they’d seen, we enjoyed a few tipples and a slosh of Voss water to keep us refreshed. To the gin, and the difference between the two – the traditional infusion and the berry concoction – was quite stark. If you’re a fan of the traditional G&T, the regular gin is for you. It ticks all the boxes, being sweeter and with floral notes that dramatically waft out of the glass. It tastes exquisite, nothing like the gin you’ll find on supermarket shelves. With hints of violet and lavender, it was a firm favourite with everyone, and a new contender to our drinks cabinet we’re sure.

Not everyone goes for a the traditional though. So for those looking for something special to add to an oversized glass alongside fizzy prosecco, soda water and fruit, the raspberry liqueur is the one. Of course, it’s just as sippable as any liqueur, and we can imagine it going down nicely with an Eton Mess after supper. But its flavour begs for something different. This isn’t a gin to drink solo. Givinity needs company.

As we sipped away, we noted that both aren’t what we’d expect from a London gin at all. That typically bitter, herby drink served in pubs up and down the country is a mile away from the cocktails we enjoyed. And that’s why Givinity is different. You have the London dry product that tastes quite unlike a London dry gin. Drink it slowly, drink it in one. Have it solo or with a pair of mixers. We felt positively posh with our drinks in hand, and coupled with the luxe setting, it whole evening was a raging success.

Once the drinks had been sampled and everyone was suitably merry, it was time to leave the opulence of Berkeley Square and head over Nivikov, a stone’s throw from Berkeley Square and one of the few exclusive bars to stock Givinity. It also happened to be the venue for the after party. The two went together like, well, gin and tonic. Luxurious G&Ts in a luxurious bar. Throw in an appearance from Made in Chelsea’s Toff and Super Heavyweight Olympic Gold Champion Audley Harrison, and it was obvious that this gin will certainly continue to hobnob with the stars.

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As far as pricing, it’s not cheap. It doesn’t look it, it certainly doesn’t taste it, and at over £40 for a bottle it’s something you’ll want to keep on your shelves as long as possible. For that reason we think we’ll look at it as a gift for a gin connoisseur, or a niche present for someone who enjoys the finer, more unusual things in life. It’s far too expensive for the casual supermarket gin drinker looking for a quick after work tipple before starting to cook dinner, clean the bathroom and settle with some reality tv, true, but there’s absolutely no reason not to get a bottle in and enjoy in moderation for a summer treat now and then. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it for a special occasion either, and we can attest to its picnic suitability.

In this weather, I’ll guarantee the raspberry spritz will make it worth the price. Recipes coming soon…

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