Aesthetics Anonymous: How can I get amazing eyebro...

Aesthetics Anonymous: How can I get amazing eyebrows with a Botox Brow Lift?

In the next of our Aesthetic Anonymous features (read all about Botox and lip fillers if you missed it) we asked our readers if they had any questions for our Nurse Prescriber and Aesthetic Expert Natali Kelly to answer.

From our reader: I’m only 28 but my eyes are starting to sag and I feel like I’m always frowning. This gives me Resting Bitch Face! I pencil my eyebrows in to give them shape, but I’ve heard of using Botox injections to make your eyes stand out and arch eyebrows more. Is there a way to make me look fresher, less angry, and make my eyebrows look nice and arched rather than flat?

There is indeed!

Anti-wrinkle injections have been used for decades to give men and women a fresh, rejuvenated look. And depending on where it’s injected, Botox can also be used to lift, sculpt and define the face and eyes, even helping clients achieve Cara-style brows without a pencil in sight.

My Brow Lift experience

Celebrity and Royal Family favourite Natali Kelly, a Nurse Prescriber I’ve worked with for years now who happens to have become such a good friend, is an advanced injector and demonstrated on me just how to give a more youthful, refreshed look to brows and eyes as part of her 3D Facial Contouring signature treatment. After decades of training, Natali has spent her entire career learning some of the best techniques from some of the best players in the aesthetics industry.

natali kelly 3d contour natali kelly 3d contour natali kelly 3d contour

Starting with assessing my skin, Natali noticed my constant frowning when on the computer was causing deep lines to appear between my eyebrows, and across my forehead. Also, one eyebrow was slight asymmetrical making my face look wonky. Using micro doses of Botox, she injected in between my eyebrows and certain points below my brows too. She explained muscles are like elastic bands. By releasing tension in one muscle – the one causing me to frown and pull my forehead muscles down – it ensures the muscle needed for a brow lift can work its magic and create a more refreshed look.

So, the first photo below is me two weeks after treatment (in the store room at work). Not a mark on me, even with my makeup being removed by the sterile swab. The photo next to it is the result a month later. Rather than my flat brows, they have a soft, natural shape making my eyes look bigger, and my forehead less frowned.

IMG_9550 IMG_4926

So, what happens on the day? After sitting in the couch, using super fine needles for extra precision (and very expensive ones to boot – from the person who did the purchasing) , she injected tiny tiny doses of Botox into selected areas. Ten minutes later – done! There was no pain, no bruising and no one would be able to tell I’d had a little bit of work done, at all.

Of course, nothing is instant and especially not Botox. It starts working after 2-3 days but can take up to a month to get the finished look. So after two weeks I was back to see how the ‘tox had taken. With still a little movement in my right eyebrow thanks to a super strong muscle, she added a small dose again.

What were my results like? Incredible. Pair my newly arched eyebrows with a microblading session at Karen Betts’ Harley Street studio and I couldn’t believe the difference. I’m only 30 so it’s too critical yet. But for those who’ve got particularly hooded eyelids, asymmetry, or prefer to look fresher than they do, a Brow Lift could be a great option.

To chat to Natali about getting a fresher look, visit her site.