Aesthetic Anonymous: Permanent Eyebrow Microbladin...

Aesthetic Anonymous: Permanent Eyebrow Microblading with Karen Betts

Foundation is fine and contouring is crucial, but eyebrows really do frame the face. You may have read my Brow Brush experience with one of Karen Betts‘ elite artists, Geraldine, way back in 2013. After a year of gorgeous brows, however they did fade as was planned. And I was gutted. Fifteen minutes every morning (on a good day) was again reallocated to getting beautiful brows and it was seriously cutting into my sleeping time. Couple in a lovely scar from a bike accident in Thailand, and some over-plucking back in 2000 when thin was all the rage, and it was a nightmare.

I’ve kept in touch with Karen and the team over the years, and when she suggested trying a brand new microblading treatment, K.B. Pro, which promises super natural, you’d-never-be-able-to-tell permanent brows I was eager to get booked in as soon as I could!

The treatment began much in the same way, at her swish rooms on Harley Street. This time, though, I was seeing the lovely Jordana. She ran through the usual consent forms and contraindication conversations and once she was fully happy I knew what the treatment was and how they’d look, the session began. After popping on some cream to numb the area, it was time to get started.

So, what is a microblading eyebrow treatment? It’s basically a very, very fine blade (Karen herself designed the pen that would be used in my treatment) which creates small hair-like channels for the pigment to sit in. Unlike a traditional tattoo pen, this allows super-fine precision and a much more natural result. For ladies wanting natural brows, it would always be recommended. For those who want dramatic shade, then the traditional method would be best.

Jordana and Laura 2

Starting with the consultation, Jordana assessed the shape of my pencilled-in brows. She discussed what I wanted, and got to work measuring the contours of my face to create perfect proportions. A little tweaking here and there, and she showed me the shape we discussed. I have to say, Jordana is a total perfectionist. She took so much time – around 45 minutes – getting everything right, creating a template she’d be using for the actual treatment. After all, it’s best to get it right the first time. And she nailed the exact look I wanted. After finding the right pigment colour to match my hair, she handed me the mirror to check all was good.

Jordana and Laura 1

After agreeing it was the right shape, it was time for more numbing cream and to get started! Laying back in the chair, she began shaping my new brows-to-be, creating micro-channels for the pigment to sit with the precision pen blade. Now, any needle on the face isn’t the most comfortable sensation. The difference between the pen and the blade was drastic though. Rather than the vibration and buzzing of the pen, the blade made it slightly more comfy, and would be around 30-45 minutes faster.

After finishing my right brow it was time for more numbing cream and to get started on the left. My brows began to take shape, and before I knew it both sides had their initial hair strokes. Jordana then went back over the right brow, adding more fine hair strokes to build more shape. Now, here is where it started getting a little painful and the scratching started to be felt. Oh, and my nose decided to start running dramatically! After around two hours since arriving at Karen’s studio, it was time to check the results in the mirror.


I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant and being handed the mirror, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It had started feeling a little sore towards the end of the treatment and I expected to look red – I had dinner plans after the treatment! I couldn’t have been more wrong. My brows looked AMAZING. They looked full and so incredibly natural. The pigment was slightly darker than it would be once they’d healed, but they looked fantastic. Being the perfectionist she is, Jordana added a few extra strokes where she felt they were needed, and that was it.

Aftercare was simple: they’ll begin to heal and may scab over slightly. Basically, I had to keep them dry for a week and was given some balm in case they started to feel a little itchy as they healed. A 60 minute review has been booked for a few weeks time to assess how they heal and add in more strokes as needed, and then that’ll be it for at least a year or two. Karen recommends a review 12-18 months after the treatment to add in any strokes which may fade, but aside from that appointment which I have booked for a weeks’ time, they’re mine and they’re here to stay!

And I’m quite simply thrilled. Karen works with a team that prides itself on its perfectionism, and it shows. Jordana was fabulous at reassuring me throughout and I’m thrilled with my before and afters. Take a look and see for yourself! Karen has clinics in London and up north, visit her website if you’d like to talk to the team.

Laura Zito Before 1

Laura Zito - After 1