From the Plaza to a Private Jet…

I have only ever flown first class once. With comfy, spacious seats transforming into flat beds (complete with pillows and mini duvet), impeccable service, champagne on tap and no end of gorgeous food, it’s no wonder those who can, do. Coupled with a stay in a plush hotel, it’s every traveller’s dream.


However, there is a step above turning left and settling into a sublime first class cabin.

Having worked in the depths of wealth and opulence in Knightsbridge I have seen that, for some, to charter a private jet is the only way to get from glimmering point A, to lavish point B. One client, who always liked a chic-chat and is heir to a sizable property empire, made the most of his travelling situation. Primarily based between Dubai, Barbados, London and New York, the gent – in his mid-twenties – noted that, although he flew economy (only when he knew the flight was to be quiet), he would spend on a private jet charter for the added comfort.

With a handful of crew and as much space as needed, it is well worth the price tag according to him.

So, what would you expect if you were ever lucky enough to hop on a private plane and soar through the skies solo?



The biggest advantage is having space around you to sit back, relax and do what you want. Fancy catching up on some yoga? Great! How about that paperwork that needs looking to? No problem. Busy night? Just catch up on sleep as a private team looks after everything in safety and style.

With full size showers and bathrooms, as well as media areas and bedrooms in some cases, it’s truly the next step in flying.


Come on. Are you saying if you were escorted from the airport in full first class manner, to your waiting private jet, you wouldn’t feel a little bit like a celebrity?


If you’re flying with a commercial liner, it very often starts with a 3am alarm call, a near-comatose traipse over to an airport, bleary-eyed check ins, a ‘Spoonies breakfast washed down with gin, and a rush to the gate after spending a little bit too long in Duty Free, before being herded onto the plane and sat in place. It’s a process. You are more than likely number 8,927 in the monotonous list of passengers who have followed the same footsteps day in day out, and it’s very much a case of getting you on-board quickly and safely, closing the doors, and leaving on time.


Not so with a private jet charter. After all, you’ve paid for the service as much as the transportation. Therefore, as long as you show up – even if that’s 15 minutes before – you’re good to go. Keep your 250ml bottle of perfume on you. You can even bring on board a bottle of champers if you like (or just arrange to have it ready and waiting on board with your assigned account manager). The flight is yours, free of the restrictions most of us are familiar with.

For many, a private jet experience will remain an image pinned to our ‘Life Goals and Dreams’ Pinterest board. Having spoken to many people who call it a way of life, it’s just another day in the sky. If you’d like to have this particular day in the sky experience and you’re on a bit of a budget, don’t forget to look out for the empty leg flights, you just never know when the opportunity might arise to jet off to your dream destination at a fraction of the cost.

If you inherit a fortune and think a trip via private jet charter is the way to go at least once in your life, how would you go about it? Where would you go and with who?

What's an Empty Leg Flight?

An empty flight is a private jet flying without passengers. This happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns home empty, or when it flies empty to pick up passengers at another airport.

Thanks to Air Charter Service for the post inspiration (and a lot of daydreaming to boot!)