Eat this week: Gaucho Broadgate, Liverpool Street

Eat this week: Gaucho Broadgate, Liverpool Street

Train delays, the off-the-chart-you’re-not-getting-home-for-five-hours variety, are ever welcome or appreciated. So when we were faced with carnage at Liverpool Street, we decided to meander through the crowds to the opulent steak eatery, Gaucho Broadgate.

If you’ve never heard of Gaucho, which cave have you been hiding in? The Argentinean steakhouse is renowned for their fine slabs of meat and wines, all served in what can only be described in a sultry setting. Think dark lights and cow hide chairs, glass, crystals and a chilled vibe.

The Liverpool Street restaurant – based in the heart of the city on Finsbury Avenue Square – is actually located underground. The newly-refurbished cocktail bar is what you’ll see as you enter, but it was quite Bond-ish to be shown to an elevator that takes you down to the restaurant.

For a Tuesday night the restaurant was packed. I had my suspicions the delays played a big part in that. After having our jackets taken, we were shown to some large, plush comfy seats for drinks. I had the re-fashioned and Laura went for a bellini. Before we had chance to finish our drinks it was time to be seated and that, my meat-loving friends, is where the real fun begins.



The manager, Radu, had actually recognised Laura from a party she attended in the Piccadilly branch some 16 months previous. Impressive. Scary. Down-right stalker-ish. Take your pick. Whatever you choose, it certainly helped when talking over the menu.


To start I had the chorizo sausage and Laura the special of the day, a trio of Argentinan treats. Both were – considering what was to follow – just enough to whet our appetite sufficiently without being overly filling. The great part about Gaucho, and to date this is the only place I’ve ever seen this done, is that they bring out all the different cuts of beef to help you decide. The waiting staff aren’t just waiting staff. They know their food. They also know their wine, so if you’re drowning in choice they are more than happy to recommend something to complement your food.



This was the case with us. I went for the Lomo (fillet) and Laura had the Rump. Both come with recommendations on how best to cook them and what wine would pair up nicely with the meat. Both were cooked to absolute perfection, and both wines were perfect for the meat. My fillet was tender and juicy so my wine was a fuller, heavier choice, whereas Laura’s rump (LOL) was quite heavy, even when cooked medium rare, so her wine was lighter. It’s those little things that make all the difference.



That lead to a first for us. No dessert. As is tradition in our household I finished Laura’s plate after she declared no more, so in total I probably consumed around 500-600g beef. I was pretty full and I couldn’t mooooooo-ve (sorry folks). We said our goodbyes and chatted to the team, and were more than excited to be invited to the bar’s relaunch.


Suffice to say, the launch was fantastic. Whisky and rhubarb cocktails, paired with beef broth mac & cheese went down a treat, and the bar itself is gorgeous. It’s all glass and mirrors, housed on street level between imposing buildings towering above. We’ve already name it our date night space, and it’s where we’ll be if there are notorious train delays.


The city has traditionally been thought of as a hustle and bustle, no-time-for-anything part of London. That is gradually changing, and Gaucho is a symbol of that change. Good food, good wine, and a relaxing space to enjoy lunch or dinner. Oh, and for when trains get cancelled.

Gaucho Broadgate // 5 Finsbury Ave, London EC2M 2PG // 020 7256 6877 // 11:30 – late, booking advised