Treating toes to TLC with Penelope and AoR

Treating toes to TLC with Penelope and AoR

It’s only a few times a month I get to treat myself. And in this case, it was with a reflexology session. My feet take a battering traipsing London’s streets day-in-day-out. So they deserved a little pampering.

My grandma, back in the day, used to be an excellent reflexologist. She helped women with fertility issues, men with muscle injuries, and even discovered a friend of the family was pregnant before she knew herself. So I understand the effectiveness of reflexology when handled by a competent therapist.


So after a few years of missing out, I booked Penelope Morrison, an at-home reflexologist to visit me at my home.

Why at home? It’s simple where I feel most relaxed. Booking months in advance, I managed to nab one of her highly coveted evening slots. Foot treatment, relax, bed.

Sounds amazing, right?

Oh and it was. After bringing her kit (to include a reflexology chair, towels, and everything else) upstairs, I grabbed us two glasses of water and settled in.

Working the various points, Penelope explained how reflexology is never used to diagnose or cure maladies. Instead, it can complement medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. And should always be carried our by a fully qualified and experienced person. Penelope is a member of the Association Of Reflexologists. This means she’s held to a professional standard, must undertake regular training and refresher sessions, and needs to keep up to date with CPD points and learning.

I melted into the chair and let her work her magic. Penelope worked at a few sensitive points, and I was amazed when I could feel her working my diaphragm on my feet, feeling a fluttering buzz in the area! Having had no idea which part of my foot she was working at the time, I tentatively asked her what was going on, only to discover she’d been manipulating the area.

After well over an hour, I was totally relaxed and zoned out. When she finished she suggested I had a full glass of water and headed straight to bed for some well-deserved rest.

Readers. There is nothing like having your feet massaged and stimulated and them being able to fall straight into bed. Penelope was amazing, and it’s easy to tell she loves her industry. For me, knowing she’s held to a code of practice was an extra reassurance I was going to get a proper treatment, not just a glorified foot massage.

I’ll definitely be booking her in again and especially once we move into our new apartment just down the road. If you’re not local to the area and are interested in finding a mobile practitioner who’s had oodles of training and has been accepted as a gold standard practitioner, head to AoR’s website to find someone near you. Your feet will love it. Promise.

Thanks to AoR for the treat!