What a Chelsea girl wears shopping

First of all, read this and bear in mind it can easily translate both to Chelsea type Sloaney Ponies living it large on Cristal in Knightsbridge as equally as a whisky-loving woman from Whitehaven up north. And if any of you have spoken to my version of ‘im indoors (as ‘e literally is a househusband for the next few months) you’ll realise why.

So, after a year of working in the heart of the Made in Chelsea set, I quizzed a few locals who passed by on what makes them Totally Chelsea.

joules luxury

1. Underwear
Sophistication, class and a little bit of luxury, can you imagine a Sloane Ranger weaselling herself into tatty Primark pants on a daily basis? No. Never. Even on those stomach cramp days, it’s all about the little things to make you feel good. Oh, and steering clear of sleazy soho shops too…

2. Country living in the city
A pheasant-topped wide brimmed hat, a comfy single breasted blazer, a plain blouse and denim jeans mean even the poshest bird can feel like swanning around the city.

Of course, the country calls, in which case wellies would be suitable attire!

3. Accessories
Whether you’re a genuine gold type, or a bit more glassy, any outfit can look top notch with a few well-chosen accessories.

My favourites are a pair coral rose earrings, a statement oversize necklace with simple bracelet. Don’t forget to pair with a stylish watch to keep track of all those brunch dates too.

4. Shoes
Surprisingly more practical than you’d expect, most Chelsea girls only whip out the heels for a special occasion or a lunch date with pals. For shopping down the King’s Road, a pair of pretty flats will help ease sore toes. Of course, one pair of designer heels must be a staple. Whether they’re real or fake will be yours to know and everyone else’s to guess.

5. Bag
After treating myself to a lovely little Kate Spade in New York, a bag can make even the most casual outfit look a treat. Statement bags may cost a pretty penny, but it’s definitely worth the investment. Teamed with a pair of pretty brogues, a tailored jacket and cute watch, it works whether you’re north or south, east or west.

Thanks to Joules for the inspiration for this post! What are your favourite shopping essentials?