Life’s a beach, right? My summer wishlist wi...

Life’s a beach, right? My summer wishlist with House of Fraser

Writing about holiday memories at Woolacombe beach, the best beach in the UK two years in a row, has got me all ready for summer. As winter nights get shorter and give us some teeny tiny hints that spring is just around the corner, now’s the time to be thinking about essential beachwear for the summer ahead.

Those ‘are you beach body ready’ posters created quite a stir last summer, and it got us thinking about what ‘beach body ready’ means. Really it means something different to all of us. To me it means comfort. I like a gypsy cloth as much as the next person (who doesn’t?).

Memories of the Mediterranean might be drifting away like a cruise ship on the horizon – I would literally sell my left leg to be enjoying 32 degree heat at 10am – but it’s never too early to start thinking ahead. So without further ado, here’s my top essential items for any beach holiday… and hopefully mine this summer.

summer dreaming


I prefer large aviator style glasses to totally shield my face from the sun – usually a pair from Primark or New Look. I’m always reading when on holiday. Be it a Kindle or a good ol’ fashioned book, David is pretty much left to his own (literal) devices.


I have scribbled on these pages before about the perils of having relatively big boobs. I’ve always found it insanely difficult to get a matching set that fits and looks good too, and a cstume is out of the question. Either the bottoms are too big and the top fits perfectly or vice versa. Any something about wearing a size 14 top and Size 8 bottoms makes me shudder.

House of Fraser’s bikini range gives me the opportunity to match a set to my body shape, which is a difficult thing to achieve. With brands such as Biba, Freya, Ted Baker and some GORGEOUS Lipsy swimwear creations that are far too beautiful for just the pool, my shopping wish list is huge. And in true Laura style I can mix and match if I can’t find a set that fits. Win. Win.

Sarong, or a really nice pashmina

Also referred to by David as a gypsy cloth, I never go anywhere without one. Most restaurants don’t allow you in wearing just a bikini, so they’re great to throw on and cover up for a spot of lunch or cocktails in the pool bar. Plus they can double up when it’s a little chilly in the morning and evening.


Finding something you can wear to the beach, on the beach, in restaurants while not rubbing, being comfortable and not being called Crocs is a minefield. Ballerina pumps and flats are great for the on-land bit, but they collect sand like there’s no tomorrow. Flip-flops don’t have that problem, but they can rub (ouch ouch ouch).

The solution? Two-fold. Either carry both, which means having a bit enough bag to do this, or jelly shoes, which is my choice. Comfortable AS, and sand doesn’t stick to them.

I can’t wait until summer rolls around. And even if my trip to the sea this year is Southend rather than the Seychelles, I’ll be glad.

Thanks to House of Fraser for the inspiration for this post!