Beating Blue Monday with dinner at The Fable, Holb...

Beating Blue Monday with dinner at The Fable, Holborn

Mondays are dull. They really are. What was dubbed ‘Blue Monday,’ the Monday everyone realises they hate their job, the weather is gloomy, they’re broke and the next Bank Holiday is a fair few months away, was also dull, so Laura and I decided to make it a bit more fun. With fairytales. And whisky. At The Fable Bar, sister to The Drift, which sits snugly under Heron Tower in the City.

Rather than bankers and brokers, The Fable is as close to central London as you could possibly hope for. Tucked away under the Holborn Viaduct (not pronounced Hoe Bun, but Hol Born I’ll have you know), it’s within easy walk of Chancery Lane and Bank on the central line and Farringdon and Barbican on the met line.

First impressions?

I personally love restaurants and bars like The Fable. Nice and open plan, three floors up with a mix of large tables for after work gatherings and small tables for couples. The bar is stunning, and the book case booth is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. During the summer I’m going to wager that it’s a lovely place to dine alfresco, and in winter they even have hot water bottles if things get too chilly. Laura I’m looking at you.

the fable 2

the fable 3

the fable 4

the fable 5

After we were warmly greeted and shown to our table (the city bankers had used our seats as their personal suit jacket hooks what the hell), it was time to check out the menu – but first drinks. Laura plumped for Miss Ginger’s New Fashioned – gin, coquelicot, balthazar rose and ginger, and I went for the Mimosa. Both were to our tastes, and a relatively good indication of what was to come.

the fable 8

the fable 9

After taking a while to pick our meals we were ready, and our waitress was off with our order.

the fable 6

the fable 10

Soon our starters arrived, and the chicken satay with peanut sauce and mushroom bruschetta didn’t last long. Laura devoured her satay in record time, but the bruschetta was a little too browned for my tastes.

the fable 7

I chose the ribeye steak with blue cheese sauce and onion rings for my main event, and Laura went for sausage and mash with red onion gravy.

the fable 11

the fablw 13

Generous portions of good, hearty comfort food to get you through a dreary Blue Monday were just what we needed. The sausage and mash was lovely, even though I suffered light Northern-based teasing when it was referred to as the ‘food of your people’. The steak wasn’t bad either, although on reflection it was a little tough for medium rare. A special mention for the onion rings here – large, light and fluffy is always a good combination for those.

the fable 12

Even though we were both stuffed from the mains, we manned up and found space for dessert. Laura went for a honeycomb and caramel sundae and I went for the apple tart tartin. BUT ALAS they had none left, so the hole of despair had to be filled with winter crumble and custard, which, as it turned out, was the best course.

the fable 14

So what did we think? It’s a perfect multi-faceted venue. Want a drink after work? The bar is stocked with some really great cocktails. Want a light bite to match your drink? You can choose from their bar snacks. On a date? You get a nice table that isn’t too close to your neighbour’s. Want to arrange a business lunch? The service is great and super speedy, so the food won’t take too long to arrive.

the fable

All in all we’d put a nice little tick next to the Fable. We’ve decided to go back in the summer and dine al fresco, because who doesn’t love awesome cocktails in one of central London’s coolest restaurants?
The Fable | 52 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FD | 0845 468 0105