5 Parisian Airbnb rentals you should have on your ...

5 Parisian Airbnb rentals you should have on your travel list

Ooh la la, Paris really is the City of Lights, with candles sat on cafe tables lighting up lovers as they share a meal, to the street lights glistening off the river Seine. If you’re planning a Paris trip, you’re probably wondering where should you stay?

From medieval quarters with cobbled streets, to canals teeming with local cafes and bars, there are a plethora of options available to the eager traveller. Of course, with so much choice, it can be difficult to narrow it down.

But rather than spend your nights in a soulless hotel, I experienced life as a local with Airbnb and Trip4Real, experiencing two rather different apartments being let out by their stylish owners.

Secluded central Parisian living in Le Marais

From £326 per night, or £54 per person based on six people sharing

airbnb paris review

airbnb paris review

The first on my list, and the house I slept in, was a three double bedroom rustic, artistic ground floor apartment full of art, books, and wooden beams. With a ground floor bedroom with shower room and sink, and two en-suite double bedrooms complete with loo and shower, we had a comfortably chic night away. The kitchen is big enough for a couple to cook away French delights, and with a gorgeous living room and a huge wooden table, it’s a socialiser’s dream pad.

Le Marais

Located in hipster Le Marais, there are boutiques, markets, vintage shops and cafes dotted about. Berets, lattes and faux fur jackets abound!

Live the high life in La Villette

From £72 per night, or £18 per person based on four people sharing


Charley, an Airbnb host, was more than happy to take us to his flat for a peek at the gorgeous view before showing us around his favourite cafes and restaurants. Located in a new building off a gorgeous working canal, his apartment is small and cosy. Perfect for a couple of intrepid travellers looking to explore more of Paris than the Eiffel Tower.

La Villette

La Villette is great for those who love green open spaces, good art, and siting by the water while eating a Parisian breakfast. Ooh la la!

Views of the Eiffel Tower in Champ de Mars

From £578 per night, or £96 per person based on six people sharing

paris eiffel

airbnb eiffel

Who needs to go out when you have such a French icon on your doorstep? Watch the Eiffel tower as it stands proud in the French capital shimmer with light at night from your very own living room. With six beds to sleep nine people living the Parisian dream, this one is definitely one to visit on my next trip. Alexis, the host, has glowing reviews and is at your service during your stay. Live like a celebrity, without the VIP price tag, we say.

Wine and dine with a stunning view

From £362 per night, or £120 per person based on three people sharing

paris chic 2

paris chic

Slightly smaller than the listing above, but with old-world charm and lots of light, see yourself on the sixth floor of a traditionally beautiful Parisian building overlooking one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. This is definitely one I’ll be booking in 2016.

Champ de Mars

Touristic, romantic and oh so central, when you think of Paris, you think of Champ de Mars. How much more French can you get?

Make a grand entrance in your own Chateau in Passy

£720 per night, or £45 per person based on sixteen people sharing


chateau lobby

Hire your own French house for you and fifteen of your nearest and dearest. Located in the suburbs, families and friends looking for a mix of city life and country charm will be most pleased. Can you imagine? After waking up in a soft, warm bed, you head downstairs to the salon for a rest, fix up some coffee and pastries for brunch, and spend some serious time relaxing in the sprawling estate. Just what the doctor ordered.


Housing some of Paris' most wealthy and well-to-do residents, Passy has entertained the world's most famous politicians, artists, actors and socialites ever seen.

These are just a few of the thousands of Airbnb apartments and houses on offer throughout the year. Have you got any on your wish list?