There’s nothing WRONG with being a tourist, ...

There’s nothing WRONG with being a tourist, but…

Let’s face it. Travellers nowadays aren’t content with fish and chips on the pier, or snapping that iconic building, or drinking a beer in a bar. No no no. Travellers want to experience something new. Different.

They want to live, eat, talk and walk like locals. In local bars. Sleeping in a local’s bed. And while there’s nothing wrong with being a tourist in a tourist town, it’s possible to get so much more from a city than standing in snail-paced queues, swallowing overpriced grub, and being conned into buying rip-off souvenirs.

I experienced Paris like a local, with a local, and noticed that a two day stay felt more like a week-long adventure. So whether you’re off to Spain or Scotland, have a look at the locals who could be giving you a truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

rome tiramasu


Everyone knows when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And eat what they eat of course. So what better way to experience the history of Italy’s capital than through your stomach on an Espresso, Gelato, and Tiramisu Tour w​ith Daniela. The city is known for being pricey, but Daniela will wander the streets to find authentic gelaterias. Washing down all that cake and granita, finish the tour with a creamy espresso.

Lasts 2.5 hours, €50 per person.

For aspiring foodies more interested in cooking than scoffing, Michele offers a four hour traditional cooking class with bonus wine tour, all set on a sunny terazza outside the city. Overlooking vast acres of vineyards and with lots of tasting to boot, tourists will get a sneak peek at the ancient wine cellars. The Wine Tour and Cooking Class​ includes a seasonal ingredients, so whether it’s melanzane or ravioli, it’s a perfect treat for couples.

Lasts 4 hours, €65 per person.

Discover the authentic bars of San Lorenzo​ to see how the Italians have fun. Rome can be pretty pricey for those looking to party, so with local Giulia leading the way, she’ll be sure to stop off at some of the best bars. A great chance to mingle with locals, practise your Italian and take advantage of the wineries surrounding the city!

Lasts 2 hours, €20 per person.


Traditional Vermouth in Gracia​ isn’t like any other vermouth you’ll have had. Infused with herbs and spices, it’s a local legend for those who know where to look. Fortunately Stefania and Andreu have all the best boozy secrets up their sleeve and will take tourists on a stumbling walking tour of the best bars in the quaintest neighbourhoods. Hic!

Lasts 3 hours, €20 per person.

Try a Barcelona photo tour with a photographer ​and friend of Trip4Real’s team Francisco. Learn how to get the best shots while seeing the city in a completely different light. Walking secret streets, he’ll show you a totally new way to view street photography and ensure each person gets a handful of super snaps to frame and admire.

Lasts 3 hours, €40 per person.

Learn to cook an authentic paella​ and officially become the most loved host at all dinner parties back home! Held at a professional kitchen (or your own place if you have the right facilities) Josh will first help you pick the right ingredients, sourcing the freshest product from the local markets. With swag bags ready, the cooking begins before settling in for seafood and sangria.

Lasts 3.5 hours, from €45 per person.

flea market paris


Visit Paris with a Professional Photographer ​and bring back memories for the whole family! I can personally attest to Alex’s knowledge and local insight as he helped us find the best restaurants, bars and viewing spots of the City of Light. Definitely one to recommend.

Lasts 1.5 hours, €50 per person.

Become French in this bespoke tour of Montmartre​ with Baptiste for your complete cultural immersion! Learn what to say, how to say it and where it should be said at some of the most Parisian of places in the city.

Lasts 2 hours, €39 per person.

For those visiting Paris with shopping in their heart, Saint Ouen’s Flea Market will satisfy the demands of every bargain hunter. Shop until you drop (without emptying your wallet) at one of the best antique and second hand markets in Paris. Finish the experience in a gipsy cafe with a good French press.

Lasts 3 hours, €30 per person. 

african culture lisbon

Not heading to any of these cities? Try something different in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, or Lisbon!


Experience the Alternative Art Scene​ with Alex, a passionate street artist who will show you art in a new light.

Smash the stereotype and try a very discreet Walking and Cultural ‘Coffee shop‘ Tour​ with Erik, the friendliest guy in Amsterdam.

Get some super snaps on a Hidden Amsterdam Canals ​tour, which includes a boat ride!


Discover the African side of Lisbon​ with culture, food and music and our friend Naky for something more original.

Essential Lisbon tour ​for everything classic and authentic that you need – a great way to start a city trip.

Or, go for the Best Views of Lisbon​ with Madalena for that perfect ‘gram shot!


Take a tour with a Scottish Gent​ and get the local royal experience.

Booze isn’t fun in daylight, so try a whiskey tasting event in the dark w​ith trusty Felipe, enhancing your senses in this unique activity.

Or just discover the old town of Edinburgh ​to get your fill of Old Smokey.

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