#lightscameracurrys and some really rather good ph...

#lightscameracurrys and some really rather good photos

Firstly, I just have to tell you about an AMAZING gift idea for photo-lovers, nostalgics, hopeless romantics, and selfie fiends. At the Currys’ event held with Mark at Nikon’s training school, I got chatting to Laura from Currys’ HQ who commiserated with me regarding the state of our rental home, and our landlord who isn’t too fond of change.

She told me about an Instax/Polaroid printer she’d used for guests to get snap happy whenever they visited her flat. All the photos were dated, signed, and hung on string making a simple kitchen look homely. So if I didn’t learn anything else from the event, there’s that.

And I want it. A lot.

It turns out, though, I learnt so much from the night. Now, my brother-in-law is a camera genius. He repairs them day in day out, and knows the technical side of a camera’s operation like the back of his hand. So the theory side of the event was a doddle, knowing that low light leads to grainy, camera shake, ISO and f stops and Manual settings etc.

But what really appealed to me was the practical side of things, using light to get the best of any photo. Like so, which was taken with my own very hands (and a lovely Nikon camera):

nikon currys event-1-2

The key to getting such a dramatic shot was this LED light (don’t ask how much it costs…)

nikon currys event-1-7

When you take a step back, the set-up was simple. Some contrasting fruits, a good lighting set up, and a white platform. Oh, and lovely bloggers of course.

nikon currys event-1-10

nikon currys event-1-6

We all started snapping away, and after some helpful hits about white balance settings I’ve since applied to my own trust Canon (sorry Nikon!) we started to improve our skills.

nikon currys event-1-18

Cucumbers on a tablecloth.

nikon currys event-1-17

Berries on a plate.

nikon currys event-1-16

Tomatoes chopped in half.

nikon currys event-1-15

You get the idea. We had a choice of four photo stations, with four different light options. And while some were easier to use than others, I loved the LED light over all the others.

nikon currys event-1-14

And you can see the difference it makes – in reality, we weren’t all stood in the pitch black climbing and clambering to get a shot. The room was fairly well lit, but with the light shining on the focus of our attention – I’d dare say these were the most photographed chillies in existence so far – we couldn’t help shooting some really dramatic food shots.

nikon currys event-1-13

nikon currys event-1-12

After the event was over, Currys and Nikon handed us our goodie bags and sent us on our way with the knowledge to take our skills up a notch.

Thanks very much to Currys for arranging the event, and Nikon for the camera loan and light (even if I will stick with my Canon…)

nikon currys event-1-11

nikon currys event-1-9

  • Shannon Clark

    This sounds like a brilliant workshop! It is crazy how much difference having a good amount of light can make to your photos!

  • Simply At Home Mom

    Wow these photos are amazing! I would love to go to a workshop like this!

  • Trisha Grimes

    These are awesome shots and what a great experience this must’ve been! I had no idea that Nikon had a training school. I just checked their website and saw that workshops are offered in my area! Although I don’t own a Nikon, I’m in need of a new camera and open to purchasing one. The right lighting can totally make a difference.

  • Chastity Beene

    Great, now I have to go purchase and LED light! What a fabulous workshop and photos!

  • Cristine

    Such great tips I’m trying to improve my travel photography. So many things to discover and try.

  • I would love to attend a workshop like this. I’m always working on improving my photography skills. I love my Nikon though 😉

  • I prefer Nikon over Canon. Seems you get more for your money with comparable models.

  • SavvyMomNYC – Ker

    I need to work on my photography skills. So many things to learn about lighting and types of cameras.