The morning after at Amba Hotel Marble Arch

The morning after at Amba Hotel Marble Arch

Sometimes, you need to take time out to be a tourist in the place you live. And that’s exactly what the boy and I did, with a very entertaining day out and date night in chilly London exploring Winter Wonderland (and treating ourselves to marshmallows and mulled wine!)

winter wonderland-4

winter wonderland

winter wonderland-2

winter wonderland-3

winter wonderland-9

winter wonderland-6

winter wonderland-5

As it was the opening weekend, we made the most of the night by chowing down on some German sausage and trying all manner of weird and wonderful foods.

Being the wimp I am I wasn’t too worried about scaring myself silly with the amusements, so left the roller coasters and waltzers to the brave.

After our date night shenanigans, the boy and I walked from Hyde Park and settled in for a cosy night in the newly opened and very plush Amba Hotel Marble Arch, snuggled in the sheets in an Executive King Room.

amba marble arch-1-6

We absolutely loved the idea of waking up fresh as a daisy right on Oxford Street after a tiring day being tourists, and thankfully Amba helped that happen with a request for a quiet room and some seriously great service.

amba marble arch-1-7

amba marble arch-1-21

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The hotel is draped in Art Deco glory, and each room has little touches that made me squeal with delight – it’s the simple things sometimes, like gorgeous chocolates to welcome you as a guest, and a welcome selection of afternoon tea desserts left out just for us!

amba marble arch-1

amba marble arch-1-2

From an in-room iPad to order everything from late-night drinks, to dental kits, to a fresh fluffy pillow, a mini bar packed with free treats and fizzy drinks, and a monsoon shower that helped take the intense chill from our bones thanks to winter suddenly arriving with full force, we soon made ourselves at home dressed in waffle robes and slippers.

amba marble arch-1-11

amba marble arch-1-23

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We decided to leave the Sunday night on a relaxing note, and opted to settle in front of the telly for the rest of the evening, with a warming hot chocolate and Nespresso coffee to wind down the night on a huge, soft bed.

amba marble arch-1-4

amba marble arch-1-13

I’m not a fan of fluffy, feather pillows, so I used the iPad to request something without feathers. After a few hours nothing had arrived, so we knocked on the do no disturb light and settled to sleep. I would suggest with the ease of ordering that many people are quick to request everything they can, so using the iPad is much slower than picking up your in-room phone, but I slept well regardless.

amba marble arch-1-22

In the morning, after a sound sleep, I made the most of a day off work to have a well deserved lay in – this of course meant missing brekkie, and what a mistake I made! The boy headed downstairs to be greeted with fresh pancakes, cereals, muffins and lots of warming hot options to boot before he hopped on the tube to work. Definitely some of the best selections he’s ever seen, and he’s one hard to impress when it comes to food!

amba marble arch-1-18

I decided to be anti-social and try out the express check-out option on the iPad. Not ten minutes after pushing the button did a friendly man call to check everything was ok with our stay, and offered a porter to drop my suitcase in the luggage store so I could mooch around Oxford Street.

Not wanting to carry my suitcase through the Oxford Street the crowds I accepted, and ten minutes later the porter collected my bag. Super service.

amba marble arch-1-17

Shopping was done, and I was thoroughly exhausted! After amble around the area and my retail therapy it was time to collect my bags and leave. Definitely an impressive hotel, perfectly located for tourist sights and shopping, and designed with comfort to the max in mind.

We loved...

The location

Right on Oxford Street without being too noisy, it's perfect for Londoners who want a night away and tourists coming miles to stay.

The size

For London, getting a room with, well, room can be a feat. We had tons of space to relax.

The little touches

Nespresso capsules, fast wifi, USB ports by the bed to charge phones and laptops, chocolates on arrival and a shower to soak away the blues, I can't think of one thing that was missing from our room. First class.

Visit the hotel’s website. If you’d like to book a stay, simply click here. This is an affiliate link, just FYI.