And so summer ends…

This weekend marked the official end of summertime. The clocks have changed, the trees will lose their leaves, and rain will fall. Throw some snow in there, coupled with the odd warm day FOR THIS IS ENGLAND, and you’ve got a British winter time all ready and waiting.

So, how have I spent the final few weeks? With coffee, books and Mexican food of course…

Getting warm with Thermos

It’s time to leave cold-pressed juices in the fridge where they belong and indulge in warm, smooth hot chocolate this season. So with that in mind, Thermos set an overnight 24 hour challenge for those looking to keep toasty warm this winter.

After learning how to brew the perfect cup of coffee with Sara at Workshop in Shoreditch – far more technical than originally thought – we were given our own Genuine Thermos Hot or Cold Beverage Flask to see if it lived up to the challenge. Would it really stay warm the entire night?

After sleeping off the caffeine from the fun brewing class, we were invited to tweet and see whether our coffee was still warm. I’m pleased to say it beat the 24 hour challenge, keeping warm for almost 30 hours!

I’ve since used my lovely flask for soup, and we plan to make the most out of overnight coffee this winter. Speaking of which, winter picnic anyone?

Available at Thermos’ website, Stainless King Beverage Bottle from £30

thermos overnight coffee

With Alice in Wonderland at the British Library

For 150 years, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have been enchanting the imagination of children and adults, and the folks at the British Library have decided to entertain us all with a pop-up shop dedicated to all things Wonderland.

From the White Rabbit to the Cheshire Cat and all the surreal characters in between, visitors tumble-down the rabbit hole and experience Wonderland as it was originally drawn, taking home some gorgeous inspired pieces. How about a ‘We’re All Mad Here’ Moleskine? Or a Mad Hatter tea-cup for your very own tea party? With timepieces and Drink Me potions dotting the pop-up shop, there’s something for everyone.

Even if you’re not in the mood for retail therapy, it’s a great little space to wander if you have time.

British Library | 96 Euston Rd, London NW1 2DB | 0330 333 1144


Supping Mexican Cocktails at Barrio Soho

With a relaunched look, new cocktails and a menu for even the most indecisive eater (ME) Barrio Soho has relaunched, and is offering 50% off throughout October. Just quote Spice is for Life and enjoy half price food for the rest of the month. The menu comprises an assortment of snacks, small plates, tacos and sharing platters all concocted by a new chef.

I’m a huge fan of Barrio’s cocktails, and the food is absolutely delicious. See winter in with a bit of spice, why don’t you.

Barrio Soho | 6 Poland St, London W1F 8PS | 020 3230 1002

barrio soho