Claiming the Premier Inn Good Night Moneyback Guar...

Claiming the Premier Inn Good Night Moneyback Guarantee

Picture the scene: you’ve arrived in Manchester after a long train journey in Standard class. A far cry from the First Class luxury you once experienced. You’re tired, you’ve got long days at a conference over the week, so after a quick bite to eat and much wine with your boss and colleague you all turn in to your room at Manchester’s Premier Inn Portland Street and say goodnight.

The pillows are dreamy, the bed is vast, you had a soothing herbal tea before settling in, and fell into a peaceful slumber…

Claiming the Premier Inn Good Night Guarantee

Claiming the Premier Inn Good Night Guarantee

Claiming Premier Inn's Good Night Guarantee

Only to be woken up from said blissful slumber at 3am by a piercing alarm shrill, which meant trudging downstairs from your second floor room in whatever clothes you can find – and no coat. After 15 minutes the alarm stops and you’re ushered inside and back to bed by the night staff.

After getting back into bed – you need your beauty sleep after all – the alarm sounds again. And then again at 3:30. And 3:45. Repeat until 4:45 when it seems to have stopped. Until 7:30, of course, when your clinky clangy windchime alarm wakes you up.

This, sadly, was my experience a while back when I found myself manning a stand at a conference for a few days. It was tiring stuff, and with hordes of fellow exhibitors and guests having a pretty horrendous night, it’s safe to say we didn’t feel up to much socialising the next day.

Claiming Premier Inn's Good Night Guarantee

Premier Inn’s Good Night Guarantee – what’s it about?

Now, most hotels would apologise for the inconvenience and maybe throw in a free breakfast. Premier Inn, though, have a Good Night Guarantee, meaning if for any reason you don’t sleep like the proverbial Lenny Henry, you get your money back.

There are exceptions, as mentioned in their Good Night Guarantee terms and conditions. You have to claim within seven days. And they won’t refund for extreme weather conditions, fire, flood, lightning, earthquake, explosion, terrorism, war, civil disorder, epidemics, embargoes, labour disputes and power cuts.

Claiming the Premier Inn Good Night Guarantee

How to get a Premier Inn Good Night Guarantee refund

Fortunately the alarm that sounded for a few hours was a fault of the building, which meant I qualified for the Good Night refund.

Claiming was super simple. I emailed the team the day after getting back home, explained the circumstances which they verified with the hotel, provided details of the booking and instead of a refund, opted for some Leisure Vouchers to be used pretty much anywhere. There as no hassle or fuss.

A few days later I was swimming in vouchers, and happy that my interrupted sleep paid out.

Claiming really is as simple as that, with some patrons getting their cards refunded on check out.

The key, though, is to ensure you make the hotel aware of the issues at the time. There’s no point saying your neighbour kept you awake all night or the bath wasn’t working if you didn’t let management know. If your sleep is disturbed, call reception and explain what’s happening. They may be able to offer you a new room, or if not, make a note of your concerns.

Raise the issue on check out and front of house may be able to refund your card there and then as they did with some guests – if not then email the team who’ll investigate and see what they can do.

Although Premier Inn are a bit more pricey than our favourite cheap overnighter Travelodge, to the tune of £160 for a Saturday night stay in South London for a friend’s wedding in a few weeks (OUCH), having the guarantee means I know that anything keeping me awake will mean a free day. Not too shabby, really.