Possibly the worst hair product so far…

Possibly the worst hair product so far…

Why someone has thought to name their newest product, a hair primer, on crime and police brutality I don’t know.

1. Joyride, a crime involving stealing vehicles
2. Rough ride, in which an unrestrained prisoner is thrown about a police vehicle being driven erratically

I don’t really get how a hair style can be compared to being smashed around in a car and left for dead, but then I left the marketing and ad world for good earlier this year so perhaps I’m out of the game already.

Anyway, this is a review of TIGI Bed Head’s Joyride, a gel-like powder primer balm, or PP whatever that means, to be used on dry or damp hair for texture and styling – kinda like a primer for skin, it creates a base for your ‘do. I hadn’t requested the sample, it just arrived on my doormat in a pink Jiffy Bag.

Some might say I’ve now ‘made it’ as a blogger, others might be wondering what my problem is, I got a freebie, what aren’t I grateful, shut up Laura and take the package.

I know. And I know I shouldn’t complain, but I know I’ll see hundreds of rave reviews like this, this and this about the sample so sometimes a bit of neutrality is needed.

Picture the scene: Your cat has an ear the size of a golf ball – literally. After scrambling around all week back and forth from the vet, who refuses to do surgery for another week on his enormous haematoma, he’s being a foul creature, hiding under the terrible shelves in our reception room and generally hissing at life.

The husband brings home pizza, the cat’s moved to another vet, settles and takes his antibiotics as gracefully as is possible for a cat to take a pill, Ex on the Beach is on TV, Revels have been eaten and life seems ok.

You head to the bathroom just before bed for a steaming hot shower, wash your hair with TIGI S-Factor shampoo and conditioner (which has lasted a while since my Ombre treatment), have a good ol’ towel scrub and dry, and blow dry your hair. You apply your way-too-expensive face creams and body lotions (seriously, far too expensive), a smidgen of deodorant as you’re running dangerously low, and pop the kettle on for a cuppa.

bad hair day laura zito

Then, this is where the evening goes wrong.

I applied just under a quarter of the sample pack, a smidgen, to my locks as directed, totally avoiding the root area. And I couldn’t believe what had happened. My soft, freshly-washed hair looked awful. Absolutely awful. It was greasy and sticky and stringy, it felt damp despite being completely dry. It was hideous.

Rather than giving texture my hair felt limp, flat, and dull and looked akin to one of those pleasant people off Jeremy Kyle.

I tried to blow dry it out. No joy. I tried dry shampoo – anything to avoid having a second shower in the space of half an hour. No dice, it had to be washed out.

As we have a cubicle shower, and the product was more sticky than a tub of PVA, I had no choice but to jump back in, wash off all my expensive face and body creams, my medicated lotions for my skin and rewash my hair. One shampoo scrunch and my hair wouldn’t lather – insane considering it was freshly washed hair.

Rinse rinse rinse I did, and repeated.

Same again, my hair felt so gluey I couldn’t get the product out. I gave up using my TIGI shampoo and used Pantene in the hopes of getting my hair clean. Three washes later and it had finally gone.

As had all my lovely skin products.

Sorry to say Bed Head Joyride (which retails at £16.95) was a car crash product for me, and not something I can see myself ever using. I know I’m one for easy, low maintenance beauty and haircare, but it seems like this product needs a bit too much work to make it, er, work.