Source Battersea review (and drinking London’...

Source Battersea review (and drinking London’s water)

When Source Battersea first blipped on our radar a few months ago, we were determined to pay this little place a visit. Focusing on sourcing the best foods from their suppliers and, of course, the freshwater source that runs under the basement we were tres excited.

Now, we rarely head over Battersea way.

For us, the lack of Underground means it’s a right old trek and requires much planning. Buses, trains and a good old walk were on the cards and sometimes, it’s not really worth it.

However, that’s a good thing for the area – where venues in East London are saturated with all manner of visitor, bars and restaurants off the beaten (Thames) path are usually local haunts.

So when the opportunity arose, we packed a camera and trekked over to Battersea for a spot of lunch.

Source Battersea review

source battersea water

Source is located just off the main road in a really quiet little docking area. Ransomes Dock, to be prescise. We walked up the wooden steps and were greeted cheerfully by a server who showed us to our table overlooking the dock.

The restaurant is very trendy. Given the history of the place, they’ve decided to keep its cold store feel and add wooden panels, designer lightbulbs and plenty of glass to admire the view. There were tables outside full of diners and locals, but we opted for a window seat.

source battersea 2

source battersea water 2

source battersea 4

source battersea

Source also has a fish tank kitchen, and we could watch the team as they prepared meals.

As we sat and perused the menu for the day, our waitress brought over a bottle of water bottled and processed right under our seats in the spring which runs under the building. They quite literally have water on tap and as that’s the case, donate a portion of the proceeds from each bottle to a children’s breakfast charity.

So, how was London water? Absolutely deliciously crisp and fresh, and no hint of eels!

The menu wasn’t massively extensive, however that’s the reason this place works. Because you can trace everything, from the eggs and flour used to make their bread, to the cow the meat came from. Despite it being small, there was plenty of choice. We decided on house-cured meat and pickle platter to start, with crab cakes for me. Starters cost between £7 and £12.

source battersea beer

source battersea meat

source battersea crab

source battersea crab 2

Mains were a Stilton Source burger (less the black pudding) for £12 and BBQ pork with cornbread.

The burger was divine, and we were told the mince was ground in house and patties created that morning. If something’s out of stock, it doesn’t get served.

The only issue for me is the chopping board ‘plates’ the mains arrived on, which saw me spill burger juice all over the table. There’s nothing wrong with creativity, and equally nothing wrong with plates either…

source battersea burger 2

source battersea burger

source battersea pork

After being full to the brim we decided dessert was off the menu, and headed downstairs for a sneaky peek at the basement. Now, before ice was readily available in London, cold stores were designed to hold huge the ice blocks which would be chipped and transported around the capital. And down two flights of dingy-looking stairs, the stores are still there today, with one of the six being used as a venue for weddings, parties and events.

Source Battersea is gorgeous, and this was a breathtaking space, and although it was a little musty, would be a fantastic venue for a celebration. We absolutely loved the history, the wine racks and bar, and could just imagine how it would look all candlelit and dressed for the day.

source battersea basement 2

source battersea basement 2

Source was a pleasure to visit, and we’re so glad we made the journey when we were invited to give Battersea a go. It’s definitely worth popping down if you’re in the area, and you locals? Well, you’re pretty lucky to have such a lovely little place on your doorstep.

Reservations | Ransomes Dock, 35-37 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP | 020 7350 0555