Paul Edmonds – where the other half have the...

Paul Edmonds – where the other half have their hair done

As you may or may not know, I once¬†worked in posho Chelsea. And as that’s the case, I decided it was time to get a slice of the high life and indulge in a totally luxury blow dry and hair treatment, courtesy of one very luxury salon.

Paul Edmonds is based on Brompton Road, right in the middle of the V&A and Harrods. The salon, which spans two floors, sits in an old Georgian townhouse and is the epitome of indulgence.

Paul Edmonds staircase

I headed over on a Friday afternoon to be greeted with very fashionable mummies wearing Louboutins and pushing the best buggies money could buy, girls in their twenties decked in designer gear gossiping while carrying Chanel handbags hiding the week’s sins behind oversized sunglasses, and a few perfectly-coiffed men getting spruced up all dapper for the weekend, all crowded in the waiting area. To say I felt like a bit of an outsider was an understatement. I mean, I was wearing a black shift Zara dress, flat back H&M pumps, and my bag was a Primark special.

Despite feeling like a fish out of high-class Peruvian mountain-sourced water, I was warmly greeted at reception and took a seat, waiting to be shown downstairs. People-watching had never been more fascinating as genuine friends indulged in the latest gossip, with a few grin-and-bear-her smiles for a few obvious frenemy pairing. It was very much like a zoo.

Paul Edmonds_downstairs

The building has been decorated in what can only be described in opulence. Think mirrors, leather-studded walls, copper panels, and personal big-screen TVs to watch while you’re having your nails done. It’s breathtaking, it really is. And huge. Each floor has secret rooms with panelled doors hiding space for facials, aesthetic treatments, hair colouring, styling, cutting and shampooing. Every aspect of hair and beauty is catered for in truly glam settings.

I was shown down to the basement and settled in my seat, before being given a choice of wine or water to drink. I believe they also offer green smoothies to kick-start good hair health, according to the salon manager who’d shown me around, but I wasn’t offered one on arrival or during treatment. Perhaps it’s for those spending more than I earn in a week…?

PE London downstairs

Siobhan assessed my hair as being dry and limp and needing some TLC. It was spot on. She prescribed a moisture surge treatment, and used a mix of Kerastase Nutrilive for immediate nutrition, and L’Oreal products to give my hair some bounce. I’m not a massive activist in any sense of the word. But I’m not huge fan of L’Oreal, which is owned by ‘water shouldn’t be free’ ‘let’s kill babies’ Nestle (read more on the Neslte boycott to get an idea of their ethos). However, as I had no intention of purchasing I was happy for the treatment to continue.

I enjoyed a gorgeous hair wash and head massage from Will, an apprentice whose hands were magic. Honestly, it was one of the best I’ve ever had, and given he’s only learning and is fairly new to the hair salon, I was more than impressed with his technique.

Paul Edmonds salon area

Back to the seat all clean and fresh, and Siobhan worked her magic, giving me gorgeously preened hair in around an hour. The treatment was just what my ombre locks needed, and cost £50 for the entire hour, including wash, blowdry and nourishing treatment. I would have loved to have stayed longer and perhaps indulged in a facial to relax me even further, but my lunch break was over and it was time to face the outside world.

Feeling like I was walking on air after my relaxing treatment I left with shiny locks, bouncy hair, a little menu of services and a promise to be back – perhaps when I get a bonus or win big on the horses. Definitely a wow-worthy salon to impress friends or just for a treat, but do remember, such comfort and luxury comes at a celebrity price tag!

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