My fear of heels – and my gorgeous flat savi...

My fear of heels – and my gorgeous flat saviours

I’ve given up on heels.

They’re pretty, of course, but I cannot walk in them. I’m 30 in mere weeks, and I’m resigned to being short for the rest of my days.

In fairness, I’m worried about cracking my ankle, or slipping and landing on my bum on the Underground’s sheer walking surfaces, or getting tired of standing on my tiptoes and having to do the un-classy thing of slinging them over my shoulder and walking barefoot.

It’s like Monica with her boots. Pretty, but impractical.

So I’ve taken to wearing ballerina flats all the livelong day. I even attended a lovely soiree in Belgravia the other night fully intending to wear my heels but giving up and not even getting them out of my bag. Think ten girls with fake boobs and Botox, all dressed up in bodycon and with hair primped and curled to the max, wearing heels that would cost my entire monthly wage, and me in my flat shoes.


As that’s the case, I love spotting shoes that bring a bit of glam to an otherwise dull outfit without the need to start having hot foot soaks for a week after wearing.


aila 2

Dr Martens’ Aila. I’d spotted them on another blogger’s feet a few months ago (the blood red version) so when Dr Martens got in touch seeing if they could help my high heel predicament, I knew they were the brogues for me.

Don’t they look so feminine and pretty and delicate and then BAM! You see the skull. Girly, but not floral. Pretty but not prissy.

aila 3

aila 5


When summer is finally over I’ll be wearing these all the time. I cant wait to pair them with skinny jeans and oversized jumpers, or leggings with one of David’s shirts. And the great thing is, unlike my cheap ballerinas which will get soaked in the upcoming hazardous weather and fall apart weeks later, these are solid. No soggy feet!

I love them. I love them so much.

A massive thanks to Dr Martens Stratford for the prettiest shoes known to man!