Knick-knacks and kitty cats – cheap home acc...

Knick-knacks and kitty cats – cheap home accessories I love

Sure, you’ve seen the moans. But that doesn’t stop me getting excited about all the fun things I’ll be able to collect and display in our new home. And while I may have gone a pin happy on a certain visual bookmarking tool’s website, I’ve already started a great collection of bits and bobs.

And sealed my fate as a crazy cat lady, reading this back.

My cheap home accessories for a super cheery home

what's on my shelves - cheap home accessories
what's on my shelves - cheap home accessories

Kitty Money Pot – PrezzyBox
£8.95 – OMG there are only two left in stock BUY IT

I’ve started with this fine example first because really, what in the world could beat it? As soon as I spotted it, and as soon as I stopped squealing at my desk and thus alarming my colleagues I knew I had to have the most amazing money-box available to man. LOOK AT IT.

Even Manbearpig approves.

what's on my shelves - cheap home accessories

SKURAR candle holder – IKEA
£2 – and this is why every blogger owns at least 17 of these

These laser cut lace candle holders are beautiful, it’s impossible to head to the Swedish retailer without picking up a handful of these. And the range has expanded to include other bits too, such as plant pots, candle plates and garden planters. They’ve even got a range of large candle holders to fit those gorgeous church candles.

what's on my shelves - cheap home accessories

Bluebird lace ceramic figure – not too sure
Free – because that’s what house clearances are for

My sister recently moved in with mum, and she dropped a bag of bits she knew I loved at my front door a while back. I have no idea where it’s from or how much it costs, but I’m a sucker for anything with intricacy. Plus, it looks so plump and cute, the bird may well make its way onto my new bedside table at some point. When I said cheap home accessories, I meant cheap home accessories. Why not see if you can rework some of your family’s hidden treasures?

what's on my shelves - cheap home accessories

Papery metal tea light holder – The Other Duckling
A moving in present from The Other Duckling, or £8.50

When I spoke to these guys about their range and told them I would be moving house so couldn’t work with them until way later in the year, they adorably offered to send a few bits as house-warming presents! I chose these tea light holders as the light reflects a thousand times brighter thanks to the metallic coating on the inside. They match our living room decor – black leather – perfectly!

Oh, and they arrived in pink tissue paper, which the cat predictably loved. All round brownie points for that.

what's on my shelves - cheap home accessories

Irregular form vase – The Other Duckling
A moving in present from The Other Duckling, or £9

An old friend from Sweden used to be quite adept at creating all things ceramics. Her pieces were just that, investment, one-of-a-kind hand crafted works of art. And they came with an investment, one-of-a-kind hand crafted work of art price tag. I never got around to owning one of her vases, but this comes pretty close, and at a fraction of the cost. I was so excited when I picked this out, it’s absolutely beautiful. Plans for bold and bright contrasting gerberas and for this to sit in the hallways to greet us as we walk in.

As you can tell, I’m loving all things home decor at the moment (as well as the crash, bang, wallop of the more handyman side of things). What home bits and pieces are your favourites?