Suvlaki brings Greek street food to Soho

Suvlaki brings Greek street food to Soho

Launching in May, Suvlaki is a sleek and modern casual restaurant serving delicious Greek street food otherwise known as souvlaki. If that’s all Greek to you (lol), souvlaki is meat seasoned, skewered, and cooked over charcoal for a chargrilled flavour. It’s served in a wrap or pita, or eaten off the stick with salad.

Now, I’ll confess, I’m not a massive fan of Greek food. An ex’s mother is Greek and having never experienced it before meeting her, I was introduced to over-salted meat smothered in coriander. Traditional, yes. Flavoursome, no.

And that’s a sentiment Yannis Theodorakakos, co-owner of the restaurant, is all too familiar with. He says Greed food’s been given a bad (w)rap for years. “The perception of Greek food in the UK is often outdated,” he admits, with souvlaki rarely making an appearance in the UK. However, Yannis thinks it could be a real competitor to the pulled pork burgers and lobster rolls that grace so many street food stalls.

“Our vision is to bring souvlaki to Soho’s discerning food lovers and, more generally, to educate the London audience. We aim to show how souvlaki can be fresh, tasty and healthy.”

Elias Mamalakis, a Greek TV chef, has been brought on board permanently as a consultant chef. Souvlaki options will include lamb, chicken, pork and vegetables wrapped in pita bread or served on skewers. All meat is delivered fresh and prepared daily, with the best cuts chosen for the best tasting souvlaki.

The restaurant will have room for 30 diners, and includes casual seating areas and communal tables. The restaurant takes its inspiration from the Greek flag, of course, with hues of blue mixed alongside Grecian street art decor. We’ll bring more details about how the space will look nearer to launch.

Suvlaki will open at 21 Bateman Street, London W1D 3AL in May 2015.

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    Suvlaki is typical Athenaic Suvlaki…and very expensive as well