A Fox Cafe is (no longer) on its way to LondonR...

A Fox Cafe is (no longer) on its way to London…

UPDATE: Sadly, the plan is no more. Head over to Stevie the Fox’s website to find out what went wrong.

A cafe is coming to East London to surpass all other animal-themed cafes. The world’s first fox cafe launches as a three week pop up in May, with demand so high tickets will be allocated lucky-dip style.

Stevie the Fox and five other friendly (and fully trained) fox cubs will be settled in the secret venue, and the lucky few who grab a ticket will be able to play with them under the beady gaze of several professional fox handlers.

So why a fox cafe?

Well, if you live in any city, it’s highly probable a fox has attacked your cat, ripped open your rubbish bags and woken you up with a scream so terrifyingly blood-curdling you’ve convinced yourself you’re witness to a murder. They ain’t the most loved creatures to roam our urban streets, let’s put it that way.

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But if Farthing Wood Friends taught us anything it’s that foxes, though annoying at times, are actually playful creatures who end up living side-by-side with humans – and usually end up worse off. And with London expanding at a tremendous rate, they’re continually being forced out of their dens and thrust into the open. Foxes are excellent hunters, and will kill rats and other disease-prone rodents. They eat everything from road-kill to rubbish strewn about the place. And they are hilarious.

The Fox Cafe’s aim is to prove to people that, although they might have annoying tendencies, there’s no need to be scared of these playful creatures.

The pop up café will be open for 3 weeks from Monday 25th May. Visiting times of 60 minutes will be scheduled between 9am and 6pm daily. Hot drinks and Fox’s biscuits will be served, along with Fox’s Glacier Mints of course. There will also be a number of other animals to play with.

To enter the ballot for tickets, which will cost £15 each, head to Stevie the Fox‘s website and enter your details. The venue will be revealed to the lucky few who are chosen. Over 6,000 people have entered already!

Not into foxes? Have a look at the Pignic or the cat cinema Great Kitten instead.

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    28 March

    Such a lovely idea! I love foxes and hate the reputation they get 🙁

    Ashleigh x

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