Fancy glamping at Glastonbury? It’ll cost at...

Fancy glamping at Glastonbury? It’ll cost at least £1,900…

For those looking to unwind, this year’s Glastonbury Festival probably isn’t the wisest destination choice. As anyone who’s been to a festival knows, camping in a water-logged tent with groups of drunken trust fund ‘lads’ engaging each other with ‘top bants’ between popping whatever the pill du jour is, and screeching girls donning Hunter wellies, a totally on point flower garland, and £400 outfit that’ll end up covered in mud and urine because who knows how a SheeWee works isn’t exactly a picture of serenity.

But, for those who are dying to spend at least £225 to watch self-entitled Voice of a Generation Mr Kanye ‘Fish Sticks’ West act like the entitled moron so-called creative visionary he is, there is another way.


Festibell promise to make the experience far less traumatic, but only if you have at least £1,200 to spend on your digs. The family who owns the land have been renting acres upon acres to the festival organisers for years. Now, they’re using the land themselves for glamping at Glastonbury luxury accommodation – at a price.

The most basic tented package, Basic-Bell, is £1,200 and doesn’t include festival tickets. You’ll get your own 5m tent with a luxury inflatable mattress, a doormat on which to wipe your muddy boots, and hanging lantern to guide your way to the camp’s loos for the inevitable 4am beer wee. You’ll need to bring your own bedding and bath towels, or shell out another £55 per person, but you’ll get access to showers and toilets.


For £1,900 (plus the cost of two standard tickets) you’ll get all of the above in the Remarka-bell package. Plus, for the extra £700 the tent will be dressed with a Camping with Soul accessory rage to include the doormat (mentioned above), the LED lantern, a vanity mirror, low level hand-painted Indian tables and block colour rugs, and a tea light chandelier. All bedding is included, so you’ll be sleeping on your inflatable mattress wrapped in 100% Egyptian cotton sheets sandwiched between two duvets and fluffy bath towel.

There will only be 45 of the above packages available.

If, rather than taking a trip to Cannes or Miami or wherever £2,350 (plus the cost of two standard tickets) will get you, then it’s worth considering one of the ten Incredi-bell packages. You get to stay in a VIP emperor tent, and sleep in the Egyptian cotton sheets on a real bed with memory foam mattress. You’ll also get your own Chesterfield sofa and cushions, waist-height tables and chairs, hand-etched bedside cabinets, and other bits and pieces.

To have a look and register your interest (if you have more money than sense or VERY wealthy parents) visit the Festibell website.