Move over Creme Egg burger, it’s all about t...

Move over Creme Egg burger, it’s all about the Chotch Egg

Last week we caused a stir with news about K West Hotel’s Creme Egg burger, as part of their springtime afternoon tea.

Well, hold onto your bonnets as we’ve found something that sounds even more strange. The Chotch Egg.

Chocolate + scotch egg = Chotch Egg. Behold…

chotch egg
chotch egg

Expertly crafted by the folks behind Fortnum & Mason, who according to legend created the first scotch egg over 250 years ago, the odd gourmet snack features a free-range egg wrapped in British venison before being slathered with gin-inspired 55% Valrhona dark chocolate and covered in breadcrumbs.

I just… I just don’t know what to think. It’s clearly a savoury dish, and obviously being part of F&M’s brand it’s going to be made with the finest ingredients my cold hard-earned cash can buy. But venison, egg, breadcrumbs, and chocolate?

Fortnum & Mason’s Executive Chef Sydney Aldridge had this to say about his abomination creation: ‘The greatest challenge was getting the combination of the chocolate and the venison just right. Initially appreciating the finest savoury scotch egg, the dark chocolate and Juniper slowly complements the gamey flavour perfectly, leaving you with a rich taste on the palette. We’re confident our customers will love our latest creation.’

The Chotch Egg will be available for a limited period over Easter from 31st March to 6th April in Fortnum’s Wine Bar and the Lower Ground Floor Food Hall.