Sconnoisseur Luxury Scone Delivery Review

Sconnoisseur Luxury Scone Delivery Review

It kills me to write about Sconnoisseur, seeing as I’m on a diet and thinking about these scones is making me salivate excessively, but needs must.

You know how people say we need a donut delivery service, or dessert delivery, or ice cream delivery, straight to your front door? That’s what Sconnoisseur is. It’s a literal scone/afternoon tea delivery service. When Sergei got in touch promising delicious treats, I couldn’t say no.

Now, I’m not going to get into how to pronounce scone. Whether you say it AS IT’S ACTUALLY SPELLED because the E at the end makes the little o a big O and therefore it rhymes with phone, bone, or indeed cone, or you pronounce it wrongly, to rhyme with world such as Don, Tron, or ‘you’re wrong’ is beside the point (but seriously, come on guys. If it was scon it would be spelled scon).


The point is, these are artfully created cakes, delivered in a presentation box complete with jams and spreads and tea. The only thing missing is the clotted cream, but then with so many options (brandy infused, champagne infused etc) it’s not a massive dealbreaker.

So who would want this? Why would anyone go for scone delivery? They are luxury. The presentation box is a lovely touch. I could easily see giving this to my mum, my grandma, my sister, or a really good friend. And, for a tenner, it’s pretty good value, and something you can experience together (if they choose to share the delectable goodies with you, of course). There’s a broad range of flavours, and it’s just something different. Rather than spending on flowers, this is a really unique little gift.

We chose a white chocolate and raspberry set, and a dark chocolate orange, with a marmalade and a strawberry jam. The tea was English Breakfast. Get that tea. Really do.

How to make your own afternoon tea for four (costing Β£4.23 each)


Well, it’s a good start. The scones were amazing. Like none I’ve ever tasted. To demonstrate: Every year in October my family would pack up the car and head down to Cornwall and Devon for a week. So I’ve had a fair share of afternoon tea. I’ve had scones in everything from OAP cafes in Cumbria to five star exclusive hotels. And these scones trump them all.


I had a clear favourite. The chocolate ones were lovely, but the white chocolate raspberry was a winner, hands down.


So, to prepare your afternoon tea, you need to lay your table with a lace tablecloth. Ideally, pop a peach or pastel coloured under-cloth down, then vintage lace on top. A few tealight candles, and some pearls expertly draped will set the scene perfectly. Use china tea cups, find a nice plate and arrange the scones on them. If you want, scoop the preserves into their own little pot with a teaspoon, but these are cute enough to leave as they are. The clotted cream should be served in a glass dish.

Brew the kettle and put all the teabags in a teapot. As soon as everyone’s ready to eat, pour the freshly boiled water and let the tea brew for about 3-4 minutes. Then get to it!

A box of 4 scones will cost Β£10.99. Choose from a range of flavours, such as rose water, hazelnut and milk chocolate, lemon and poppy. Savoury scones aren’t yet available. They have a shelf life of about a week or so, so if you’re ordering this as a gift ensure you time the delivery right.

Thanks to Sconnoisseur for arranging the review

  • White chocolate & raspberry scones?! Be still my beating heart. They sound incredible. x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  • Anna Parker

    such a great idea… but they don’t seem to do dairy or gluten free which would be awesome… i’d buy some in a moment as they are so hard to find elsewhere that i have to make them myself! Being a cornish girl – it is scoooone as you say. How could it be any other way! And cream on the top, obviously!

    • Ah no they don’t! Perhaps email them and see if they’ve got plans? They’re a lovely bunch!