The Sun’s Page 3 is no more. It is. In the biggest act of trolling, The Sun has put boobies back on Page 3. PHEW.

While the No More Page 3 campaigners the world over are happy boobs have been banned from the builders’ choice of morning paper, I can’t help feel really worried about how this has happened.

Firstly, full disclosure, I don’t care about Page 3 girls getting their tits out. As long as they were mentally capable of making the decision and were not photographed under any kind of duress, then whatever makes them happy makes them happy.

Also, additional full disclosure, I don’t read The Sun because it’s a tabloid and I get all my trashy news from the Daily Mail online and Buzzfeed for free. I don’t avoid reading The Sun because of the boobs, of which I see every day as I am the proud owner of a pair which may or may not be real.

Would I bare all in a newspaper? For the right money No. But I completely respect a woman’s right to do so. Some women love attention drawn to the assets they feel most proud of. Is that really any different to those who love attention drawn to their intellect? Their cooking? Their DIY skills? Their corporate career? Their faces? Not in my book.

What I find worrying is the bullying that forced this change. Campaigners pestering and nagging that this ‘family newspaper’ (again, I don’t think anyone in the UK would call a newspaper that is liberal with the words ‘romp’ and ‘shag’ family oriented, nor do I think anyone under the age of 16 actually pick up newspapers) should kowtow to their demands, their idealistic view of their world.

It’s not my idea of an act of feminism because it screams one thing:

Women who choose nudity over becoming a doctor should be shamed and aren’t worthy of being equal. Their life choices are ‘bad’ and no ‘real feminist’ would ever do willingly and without duress pose in underwear.

Feminism, to me, isn’t campaigning to ban boobs, porn, the typical housewife, or anything which doesn’t fit into my ideal.

Feminism is being able to choose whatever career I want, whether that’s clothed at a desk, or naked in front of a camera. Feminism is me being paid a salary based on my experience, not being paid less than a man. It’s about ending genuine oppression whereby women are forced into child marriages against their will. It’s about not turning a blind eye to the degradation of women in some cultures, the acid attacks that grace India’s news pages daily, female genital mutilation which is still practised in this country.

If the Page 3 campaigners had focused their efforts on these actual worthy causes, who knows what good could have been done. Instead, they focused on banning nipples.

Who cares if women want to get their boobs out, and who cares if men (or women) want to look for a few brief (lol) moments with their morning tea? There are far bigger things to worry about than prudish, Victorian ideals of which body parts women are allowed show and which body parts they can’t. It was only a century ago women were shamed for baring *gasp* their ankles! How far we’ve come, and what a retrograde we’re seeing today.

I have no right to bully women who don’t fit into my ideal.

So, ladies, if that’s what feminism is, I’m not. I’m not a feminist, and I never will be.

There are bigger global issues to campaign against than a woman’s choice to bare her boobs, and it makes me terrified some feminists can’t see past this.

(Posted hastily from my bus, hence no pictures.)

  • David Westgarth

    Well. Doesn’t SOMEONE look foolish

    • FemiNazis? Yes. Yes they do.