Laura the Explorer: upcoming adventures in 2015

Laura the Explorer: upcoming adventures in 2015

2014 was a busy year. Freelancing, a new job, a new flat, getting married, coming to terms with my cat abandoning me for a boy, and booking a honeymoon have really taken up far more time than I expected. A lot happened, but in the same vein because there was SO MUCH TO DO it ended up feeling like nothing much happened.

We only managed to go abroad once: David and me booked a trip to Kos, in an adult-only resort. It was just at the edge of peak season, and because of that we got an amazing deal. Ok so it rained a few days, and I found the wind a bit too chilly to enjoy sunbathing, but it was such a laugh.

As my charger broke, we didn’t manage to get many photos. And this meant I spent most of my time reading, relaxing and just being At One with the earth and much ouzo.

We met a hilarious gay couple who seriously put us to shame with their partying antics. As soon a they arrived we could hear them laughing and chatting away, so when they sat by our sofa (and I spilled ouzo all over myself, prompting them to do the same) we made friends. While we were just glad for the rest, free booze and sun, they were off horse riding, partying until 5am, and just generally never stopping – it was admirable.

We also met another quite creepy couple who seemed to latch on to us and follow us around a bit. Everywhere we went, they were there. Dinner? Next table. Sunbathing? Next beds. Walking to town? Right behind us. Now, adults-only generally means no kids, but I’m pretty sure we stumbled onto a swinger’s resort. On our second night we were chatting to the gay couple, and a table dancing creepy lady and her husband joined, along with our shadows. It was fun, but weird.

No swinging happened btw.

This year seems to be a bit more settled, and so there’s time to think about what I’d really love to do:


We chose Jamaica because the all-inclusive resort we’re staying is adult-only again and the pool has swim-up butlers and open air cinema in lilos. It’s in a mere 25 days until we jet away. We’ve gone all out and booked Bloc Hotel for £69, which is actually in Gatwick and a VIP concierge/airport lounge package with No1 Traveller. We’ve also picked our seats on Virgin and paid for extra legroom. Hey, this will be our only honeymoon, so we need a bit of luxury.

Go glamping

Ok, so I didn’t handle camping on the beach very well BUT glamping could be my alternative. I don’t care where it is, in the UK or abroad, but there’s something to be said for getting back to nature without having to crap in a hole, y’know?

Visit Iceland

There are a few places I’d love to visit, but judging by budget and lack of holiday time at work, we’ll probably only get the chance to spend a few days in a country, every two or three months. With that being the case, it has to be Iceland. Snow, northern lights, and the chance to relax in some of the world’s best hot springs is too tempting to miss.

Explore home

It’s fair to say I don’t explore much of what’s around me. Being part of such a vast blogging community I always chat to people who’d love to have London on their doorstep. So while it’s only a half hour train ride away, I’m going to be making more of an effort to explore.

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  • Anna Parker

    Enjoy Jamaica – we went a few years ago and loved it, laid back and as-yet unspoilt by tourism. I agree with you – explore more of what is on the doorstep, we plan to as well!

    • Oh I can’t wait! Any tips on what to do while we’re there?

      • Anna Parker

        ok… Blue mountain coffee, and the mountains. Houseboat grill in Montego bay. Lovers leap. Pelican bar. YS falls. Those were our best bits! Get a car and see Island – we drove all over, the fruit stalls are gorgeous and away from Kingston it was fine and safe! Enjoy!!

        • Ooh a cat would be a great idea! I’ve heard mixed things about taxi drivers etc so will check it out. Thanks lovely!

  • 2015 sounds like it’s going to be exciting! All-inclusive in Jamaica sounds perfect… Very jealous of that one! x

  • I feel your pain with the wedding, it really is never ending! You must be so happy to be jetting off on your honeymoon and it looks like it’s going to be a great one! Can’t wait to read about it. Also if you can, do get to Iceland you won’t be disappointed!

  • Kasha Dubaniewicz

    Ah, Iceland! That one is also on my list for 2015! All of the best for the next year – and congrats on the wedding x

  • IntotheFworld

    Nice list, and congrats on the wedding! the bit about the swingers resort made me laugh so hard…that happened to me as well, we misunderstood the spirit of the place and ended up taking a lot of day trips.

  • Runawaykiwi

    Love it! Accidentally happening on a swingers resort is exactly the sort of random situation I would find myself in. I can’t wait to hear about what happens in Jamaica!

  • Thanks chicken, will definitely have a read! Trust me, all-inc is no more after this! I’m like you, I need the authenticity

  • You should absolutely spoil yourselves on your honeymoon (and every other holiday for that matter – we work really hard!). Sounds like a fantastic year ahead!

  • Haha the resort sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to reading your adventures 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m avoiding countdowns as I literally can’t wait…

  • Jamaica will be amazing, hope you have a lovely honeymoon

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    What a busy year last year was! Jamaica sounds amazing, I’d love to go there one day and I hope you’ll get a chance to make it to Iceland too if time and budget allow – it’s so beautiful there!

  • Emily Ray

    Hahahah your holiday in Kos sounds absolutely hilarious!

    What an exciting year you’ve got planned. Jamaica should be fantastic, and I agree – you definitely need to go all out considering it’s your honeymoon 😉 Can’t wait to hear all about it! x