The One Where Bloggers go to The Shard

The One Where Bloggers go to The Shard

In December, something amazing happened. Three Lauras were eating dinner at the (probably) highest point in all of London. I don’t want to lay claim to any records being broken here, but I truly believe a record was broken.

Where were we? Oh, only at The Shard of course.

The Shard Asda blogger event

I’ve been to The Shard many times. Cocktails just taste so much better when people below you look like ants (no megalomaniacal tendencies here, promise). This time, it was to eat, drink and be merry with some of the best bloggers in the industry, courtesy of George at Asda and their lovely teams.

A great night was had, and I have to say thanks again to the Adsa team for laying on such a brilliant evening.

I already know Erica, clearly, and I knew OF the other girls, but it was the first time meeting the rest of them!

Next to join was Manasi of inher30s who I’ve known for SO LONG on Twitter and finally got the chance to meet, even if she was sniffly, and left the back door of her house open on her way…

There was Katy of Little Miss Katy who actually works where I used to work, and who totally understood the pain of tights, pearls and immaculate make up on a daily basis. Seriously, it’s harder than it looks.

Then there’s Angela of The Awkward Blog who featured the best photo of me looking longingly at a bottle of champers I’ve ever seen. GIVE THAT GIRL A PULITZER.

The three Lauras were Laura of Heroine in Heels, Laura (me), and Laura of Tiny Twisst, we can expect the award in the post.

The Shard Asda blogger event

The Shard Asda blogger event

The Shard Asda blogger event

After ascending to an ear popping level 34, we were greeted by Shangri-La’s impeccable waiting staff who were so generous with the offering of fizz and canapés on a regular basis. Once everyone arrived, looking stunning (thanks to George at Asda decking us out in party dresses – and my kimono be coming with me everywhere) it was time to be bloggers. There were photos, artfully taken from all manner of dSLRs, selfies galore, and just a lot of laughter in general.

As my phone was woefully inadequate, you have to visit each of the girls’ blogs to get an idea of just how stunning it was.

The Shard Asda blogger event

We sat down for a formal traditional Christmas dinner, and the food was divine (if small. But then this is fine dining). Just before dessert we were treated to checking out the swimming pool. Oh yes, if you want to swim and watch over London, it’s possible. It also had a bar attached to it, with some businessman in suits clearly not swimming, which was a bit weird.

After watching a Laura get her feet in (I’ll leave you to guess which) it was back to the tabl to say goodbyes and carry our goodie bags home.

BUT WAITBTHERE’s MORE! < I’m leaving these typos in so you can get a sense of just how excited I am about what’s coming next.

Now, the Shard is a classy place. Nice digs. Not too shabs. After a bit too much vino I excused myself and popped to the ladies. And seriously, guys, you’ve never seen a more futuristic bog. Forget the floor to ceiling windows, forget all the windows. The TOILETS HAD BUM FANS AND WATER JETS. It OSCILLATED. It had a POWER DEODORISER. So clean I felt, I lamented the fact I’d have to use a regular toilet for the rest of my life.

Seriously guys, thanks so much (for the food and dinner, not the loos). And thanks for the jumpers. And slippers. And mittens.