Our small and intimate wedding in Edinburgh (invol...

Our small and intimate wedding in Edinburgh (involves getting into the sea and a missing limo)

Yeah I’m pretty sure the best bit of my year has been our wedding. You see, it started with a review and a cheeky weekend away. We loved the hotel and the city so much, it was our special place. Travel is a massive part of my life, and last year it was decided we’d travel within the next few years, or as much as we can with our jobs.

So, although not all trips begin with a flight or end on a beach, us travelling up to Scotland would change everything.

David proposed, we talked about plans, and with the decision made to have a very intimate and small wedding in Edinburgh (I wanted to elope to a faraway beach, but in the spirit of compromise we decided Scotland was a good alternative) we called on the skills of Jacob and Pauline, of Wedding Photographer Duo, and the only people I’d trust with a camera.

I’ve been working with these guys for years now, and we knew we wanted their unique style to capture our day. They’re London based, but were more than happy to fit us in and travel up to Scotland. They also took our engagement photos, which helped SO MUCH on the day I can’t even explain.

The day started with a 7am fire alarm and trotting downstairs in slippers and gown.

After that, there was no getting back to sleep so I amused myself with prosecco and daytime telly while David got sozzled on Speyside whisky.

Getting ready was a simple feat, and once hair and makeup were ready all we had to do was wait for the limo.

Which was at the wrong hotel.

No bother, we hopped in a taxi and made our way to Edinburgh’s registry office also known as the most ornate building ever.

The ceremony was emotional, held by Borat’s manager as we nicknamed him, and after that was a short drive to the beach.

Where it rained.

By now, you can tell we don’t get easily flustered and as we were already wet, we decided to get into the sea!

Suitably frozen, we said goodbye to Jacob and Pauline, and settled down to a lovely meal with nearest and dearest.

Once the rainbow cake was cut and eaten, that was it! Mrs W I was and am, and it was perfect. From the train delay the day before, to the missing limo, to the rain and the beach, it was the most perfect day I could have ever wished for. After all, who wants a boring wedding where EVERYTHING goes to plan? YOU? Well, that just means you’re pretty dull and I’m surprised no one has told you this already and you still have friends.

So, here are a few photos from that day. Thanks to Jacob and Pauline, we’ll be able to keep and treasure those memories forever. (We totally forgive Jacob for asking us to dip our feet in the sea, too…)

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

wedding photographer duo edinburgh wedding

Hotel: The Glasshouse, Edinburgh
Photographers: Wedding Photographer Duo, London
Hair: City Brides, Edinburgh
Flowers: Sophie and Luna, London
Dress: Matchmaker, Brentwood
Shoes: Irregular Choice, Carnaby Street

  • Okay wow. These photos are incredible, they capture the romance and emotion of the day so well! It looks like an absolutely stunning day, you look gorgeous too x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    • Ahh, thank you! Pretty much everything that could did go wrong, but having so few guests and not really being a stress head helped! I’m tempted to wear the dress around the house too…

  • Your wedding was absolutely beautiful! x

  • Utterly breathtaking – and your bouquet is stunning!

    • Thanks lovely *blush* I loved the bouquet, we stumbled across their stand in Shoreditch and knew it was the best fit for us! They’re preserved as well, so the bouquet is currently in a vase!

  • london_unattached

    What a stunning wedding. I love Edinburgh – just come back from christmas there so I really respect your choice of venue

  • Guest

    You photo’s are nice but sorry a wedding isn’t a wedding without friends being there. Sorry but I have a problem with elopments! They are selfish!!

    • Sorry you feel that way, and we must admit, some friends and family reacted in the same way as you did. But at the end of the day, a wedding is a wedding. It’s one day and yeah, we had fun but the vows we made? They were the best part. We live in one of the most expensive areas of the country, and ain’t no way we were spending ££££ on one day. What matters more is our marriage, and the fact we have an amazing honeymoon lined up – Jamaica WOOO. Plus, I’m almost 30. Ain’t about people pleasing any more, biatch.

      • Debbie

        It is YOUR wedding and it should be what you want. It was beautiful. So glad you shared. Love, love the pictures. Absolutely beautiful.

    • A wedding is a day for a bride and groom to celebrate their love! If they want to include friends and family, they should, but it’s a personal decision! Why would you go to someone’s blog and leave a negative comment on a beautiful post? I think that’s selfish…but that’s just my opinion.

  • Melissa Haag

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous! I love your bouquet. I would love to visit Scotland!

    • Thank you! It’s preserved so we can display it – permanent flowers! Scotland is gorgeous. The first time we visited together was the first time I’d ever been. I’m a terrible Briton!

  • Jessica @ConveyAwareness

    What a beautiful story book wedding. I love that you and hubby decided this was the best wedding for the two of you. Intimate. Bellissima!!

    • Thank you! We knew it was going to get dramatic after the train journey (as in, all trains cancelled the evening before leaving us stranded in north England…) but it was perfect. I’m so glad we went and had photos alone though!

  • Chocoholic

    Your wedding looks absolutely stunning. We also got married in Edinburgh.. great choice! We had 60 guests at our wedding and had to draw the line at that… we made a rule that if neither of us had met the person, then they weren’t important enough and so they weren’t invited. It upset a lot of people whose boyfriends/girlfriends or our distant cousins weren’t invited, but it’s the one day when all that matters is marrying the love of your life. People soon got over it. Your photographs are beautiful and I LOVE that dress by the way! x

    • Thank you and snap! I love that rule, there are so many weddings I’ve been to where I’d ask the groom who so-and-so was and they’d be like, *shrug*
      Life is about living it how you want, obviously with the interests of other people in mind, but recognising you won’t be able to please everyone. We liked it anyway (and thank you for the complement!)

  • Just lovely! Congratulations!

  • Laura

    You two both look great and you were right to pick these photographers, beautiful! My husband and I also got married away from everyone. It is so nice not to have extra stress on “your” day!

  • Jayasri Nagrale

    aw!!! so sweeeet. wishing you both a happily ever after! <3

  • Stephanie Hunter

    Love the photos, I felt like I was there with you. You are a lovely bride. Congrats!

  • Oh my! I almost toppled over with the romance of it all. It sounds like THE PERFECT wedding. Simple, beautiful and a little bit silly. And, blimey, you look AMAZING. Happy New Year! xxxx

  • sanketdhume

    Frankly, I’m jealous of you! I was in Edinburgh for only a couple of days (the length of my stay was evidently sad); and yet, Edinburgh is already my most favorite city in the whole wide world! The architecture, the art, the romanticism that lives in its very air is exhilarating! Congrats to you and your husband! I wish you both a cracker of a life ahead together 🙂

  • Danielle Jacek

    beautiful photos! looks like an amazing day!

  • You look so pretty I could just give you a big squishy
    hug. Which would probably be a bit weird
    as we’ve only met once, but that’s just how it is.

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