What REALLY happens when you get a review or sampl...

What REALLY happens when you get a review or sample from a PR?

pr sample

We all want them. The little freebies that are a tiny, tiny reward for all the promotion and advertising we give our favourite brands, hotels, and eateries for free. For the hours we spend writing, then rewriting, editing and reediting. For snapping away with our camera come rain or shine, light or no light. For the creative input we put into our little space of the web.

But what actually happens when you get a PR sample?

I’ll explain.


You’ll approach the PR, or the PR would have found your blog through one of her channels. Perhaps she’s been following you on twitter via a secret list, or maybe she saw a comment on another blogger’s post. She likes what you write, how you write and what you’re going to be writing about. You exchange stats – she gives you an estimated value of what they can offer, and you provide details of the coverage and reach she can expect…

Oh what a tease!

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