Here’s How to… overcome blogger’...

Here’s How to… overcome blogger’s block

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Picture the scene: It’s the tenth day in a row you haven’t posted something on your blog. You feel like you’re abandoning your readers and, more worryingly, your stats will suffer. You half-heartedly write a quick post about something you’ve had lingering in the back of your mind and publish it FOR STATS. You have a mountain of emails building up and no drive to do anything about it, so all you do is sit in your pants eating German spiced cookies and watch toothless folk scream at each other on Jeremy Kyle.

Look, everyone’s been there. That big blogger you fawn over? She’s done the same. That HuffPo journalist? Same. Everyone from the great writers of yore to your favourite author (bad times if you say it’s Katie Price) has struggled with actually writing when they needed to. I bet Chaucer was a total stress head sometimes.

So how are you meant to deal with blogger’s block? In seven ways.

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  • Ohh thank you for this! Needed some ideas, definitely suffering from a mean case of this right now! Getting out of my apartment first thing tomorrow. x