Wanderlust & Envy: Tree houses around the wor...

Wanderlust & Envy: Tree houses around the world (and Cornwall)

When I was younger, doing Media Studies at my Worst GCSE-level Results school, we spent a whole term on Lord of the Flies. Basically, in case you’ve been living in a cave within a comet hurtling miles and miles away from Earth this very second, it’s about a load of kids who get stranded on an island, resort to tribalism, kill a fat kid, and freak themselves out over pigs. It’s AWESOME.

We drew maps of the island and spent hours talking about how to survive without adult intervention. Rule 1 in such a situation? Build a shelter.

Not just any shelter. I designed a tree house with pulleys (lazy one I am) and a ladder, and all kinds of amazing features. Rope swings, a constant supply of sweet sweet fruits in fruit season and best of all, a monkey who would fetch things in return for whatever it is monkeys like I guess.

Rather than build one from scratch (I can work a Paslode but that’s pretty much it) these Airbnb alternatives will do. Oh, and for anyone who isn’t an email subscriber SHAME ON YOU, I’m kinda fascinated by Airbnb. A little too fascinated.

For me, this is definitely in the Wanderlust & Envy list.

Catch up on Breaking Bad at White Lotus in America

From £65 per night, 5% tax not included in room rate

An American treehouse

If you have a spare 30 days to kill, and Netflix is a must in your tree house, the White Lotus is for you. Situated two hours from Washington DC, the entire site has an organic, eco-friendly, plastics not welcome here approach. Yoga can be arranged by request, and there’s a sauna too.

Get back to nature in a Spanish National Park

From £24 per night

A lovely Spanish treehouse
Climb a 3 metre ladder, and cross a bridge to get inside then spend the day relaxing in your own little hut. Sure the toilets are outside, the kitchen too, the… well, it only really has a bed, but that’s not the point. You’re getting back to nature. Ain’t no Netflix here, just the sounds of nature and a few cats.

Train your own monkey butler/thieving monkey at the Rainforest Tree House in Costa Rica

From £56 per night

A gorgeous Costa Rican treehouse

Hot springs in the rainforest and grotto pools to cool down, what more could you want from a Costa Rican tree house? Sure, it moves a bit when the wind blows, toucans may watch you getting dressed, and howler moneys may serenade you to sleep in their own way but remember, you’re in a tree house. In a rainforest.

Stay close to home (up a tree) in Cornwall

From £100 per night

Cornish treehouse

Your budget might not stretch to Costa Rica or even Spain. So Cornwall is your saving grace here, thanks to Tree Sparrow. It’s tiny, let’s not make any mistake. But, it’s up a tree. It’s cute. It has a kinda-open toilet situation going on but at least it has (some) plumbing. It’s near the cold, dark sea and perfect for anyone who wants to live the Robinson Crusoe life. Except with a toilet.

  • Haha those are really cool!! I think my favourite is the Costa Rican one – it looks beautiful, but you had me at hot springs…

  • Hannah Logan

    Train a monkey butler…hmmm #bucketlist haha. Awesome list!

  • I want the one in Costa Rica! It looks amazing. I stayed in a tree house in Wales a few weeks ago and it was honestly one of the best experiences ever. If only it had electricity and I would have moved in.

  • COSTA RICA!!! take me now!!. Great post, like the concept.

  • Brianna @ The Casual Travelist

    Very fun lodgings though I think Costa Rica takes the cake

  • I love the look of a tree house. there is (really expensive) one in Bristol which is supposed to be amazing.