RECIPE: Sixty Second Nutella Brownie Cake

RECIPE: Sixty Second Nutella Brownie Cake

These brownies were the product of a rainy winter night, the desire to stay indoors and about thirty seconds of rummaging through my cupboards. I was DESPERATE for chocolate, but not enough to brave the rain. And so the Sixty Second Nutella Brownie Cake was born.

I’m no fan of cakes in a cup – the texture’s always off. So I did what any chocolate-craving lazy arse would do. I took the principles of making a cake, and made up something from scratch. Something delicious, fast and super easy.

The name. Sixty Second, because that’s literally how long they take to whip up the mix and cook. That’s right. It takes one minute to bake these bad boys. Take that Delia, with your egg whisking and oven baking. Brownie Cake, because they’re not really as gooey as a brownie, but not exactly light and fluffy like a cake.

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To make the Nutella Brownie Cake you will need:

1 teaspoon Nutella
1 teaspoon salted butter
2 teaspoons plain flour

1 egg yolk
Flaked almonds
Ramekin, coffee up, or any similar sized microwavable container
700w Microwave
Makes one


Add butter and Nutella to a bowl and heat on full power for ten seconds in the microwave. You’ll want the buttery mix to be hot, but not boiling.
Add the egg and stir until mixed through.
Add the flour one teaspoon at a time, ensuring all the flour is mixed in well.
Transfer mix into the ramekin.
 Add a small knob of butter to the top of the mix.
Cook on full power for 15 seconds, let it sit for 15 seconds, then cook for a final 15 seconds.
Let it sit for at least minute before eating.

Top tip

Don't be tempted to overcook this one. The brownie will keep cooking for the minute it's left standing so it's really important you follow timings.