Making the move from Blogger to WordPress (with ju...

Making the move from Blogger to WordPress (with just a few tears)

Hello hello, isn’t this different?

Yes, after 18 months on blogger, I got to a point where blogging didn’t interest me. I saw other blogs with pretty features, and gorgeous templates and the ability to do so much, and for me it would take hours just trying to implement a navbar. I hated the responsive design all blogger blogs had, and so I was stuck with tiny fonts on a unreadable smartphone.

I was hesitant about making the move from Blogger to WordPress. A monthly fee, a new interface, the daunting prospect of losing precious sweet SEO I’d spend hours building… was it all going to be worth it?

I can say (even after a meltdown on Saturday) HELLS YES. Because, seriously, look how pretty. It’s responsive, easy to use, there are thousands of plugins that do all kinds of things and I’m back to enjoying writing about what I like.

[Tweet “Monotony for creative people can be a killer.”]

Half the time it’s why bloggers face that dreaded writer’s block – nothing new happens, days and weeks are set in stone for fear of losing readers, and the pressure turns a hobby into a unpaid chore for which there’s little reward.

It’s going to take time to get back into the swing of things, but I’m glad I’m (kinda) back. As a preview for what’s coming soon…

Giving these a go for 10 days #healthy #skin #collagen #botox #dermatology

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