Last weekend…

Ok, I’ll admit it – turning 29 has made me a hermit.

I’ve never been an out at-all-hours type anyway. I distinctly remember coming home from school, flopping onto the sofa and watching Art Attack for hours still in full jumper and trouser uniform get-up (my school was actually a Community College code for Where Council Estate Children Sometimes Go To Learn But Mainly To Set Fire To Things, so in order to garner some modicum of an educationary establishment we had a very relaxed uniform (apart from trainers which were a no-no and which I managed to wear/lie about for my entire final year. Comfort, bitches)).

So, take last weekend. Aside from going to Barclays to finally sort out a joint account, going to the doctor’s surgery to finally change my address, and going to Sainsbury’s to finally buy some cat food that doesn’t make Manbearpig vomit, we stayed in. We ate treats. We slobbed in front of the sofa in slouchy clothes and cat slippers. ALL. WEEKEND. Like a pig wallowing in scraps of mouldy food, for he is happy among the stench, I took advantage of not having to move anywhere.

Who wouldn't want to sit indoors all weekend?

‘BUT LAURA!’ I hear your cry. ‘You’re a blogger! You should be out having afternoon tea with macarons and taking photos of your shoes in autumnal leaves and Instagramming about how little make up you’re wearing while adding a filter to cover up the hideousness!’

Dear reader, if that’s the case, I give up blogging. Because I’ll never be a social butterfly all the time. It ain’t me. I’ve cancelled a few parties and reviews recently because I’m just a bit too tired to care to go.

I see nothing wrong with watching Friends episodes on repeat (oh Joey, you loveable scamp, you know it’s kidney stones!) and browsing Reddit while chowing down on Party Rings. Because technology is a beautiful thing. I COULD talk to people all day long from all over the world if I wanted to. But I don’t. So I won’t.

I’m promising myself I’ll make the effort next weekend, but if there so much as a drop of rain it ain’t happening.

New things wot are new

I joined the gym. I’m going tonight. I also booked a Krav Maga class so watch out, potential sexual predators


I remembered and then promptly found the blog that got me blogging. THE blog. 2009 it was. She doesn’t write any more and access is for registered users only, but damn I miss her wit and take on life. “I know it’s wrong to judge sick children” was the exact phrase that made me want my own blog.

  • Liz.

    That sounds a lot like my old school…and my weekend lifestyle.