We ask a boy: how to pick your honeymoon location ...

We ask a boy: how to pick your honeymoon location if you’re an indecisive couple

“I would say I’m indecisive, but I’m not so sure.”

LOL. It is one of the most annoying traits you will ever come across in a person, but the problems it can cause are untold. Just look at the pickle the vultures on the Jungle Book got in to. A Bengal tiger attacked them.

From restaurants to films, it can be quite a task actually choosing what to do.

Multiply this by 10 and you have an idea of what kind of problems this particular boy and his wife went through when choosing their honeymoon destination.

“AUSTRALIA! NO, WAIT A SECOND, THE MALDIVES. Or maybe Mauritius. WHAT ABOUT THAILAND?!” That was just the destination. Things got serious when it came to choosing the hotel.

I am delighted to confirm we chose none of the above destinations. In fact, our scattergun approach saw us choose somewhere on a completely different time zone. Child-free, of course.

But that’s part of the fun with indecisive people. Spontaneity lingers all the time. Here are seven tips of my tips (because seven is a nice round number) if you’re literally wondering how to pick your honeymoon location with your indecisive other half.

1. DON’T FIGHT IT. The worst thing you can do is impose yourself. It’s mightily tempting, but in the long-run it will do more harm than good. Work with your other half and look at a variety of different places. It will be time-consuming, but you’ll end up choosing somewhere you both feel has that wow factor.

2. BE OPEN MINDED. If you have your heart set on somewhere, it will end up causing arguments. Their indecisiveness will annoy you to the point you’d consider chewing on a mangy rabies-filled dog. You may well not end up going where you always dreamed of, but if your partner doesn’t want to go there, will you really be happy getting your own way and putting them out?

3. BE SPONTANEOUS. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. If it wasn’t for the promise of waiters who SWIM UP TO YOU WHILE YOU’RE IN THE POOL WITH YOUR DRINKS, I may well have been tempted to rock up at the airport and pick somewhere. If you do this, PLEASE tell us!

4. DO YOUR RESEARCH. It’s pointless choosing the Caribbean in September or Skegness in December. There’s every chance you’ve invested heavily in the honeymoon, so don’t risk bad weather.

5. BE PREPARED FOR CHANGE. Clearly once you book you can’t change your mind, but if you have made grand plans to go swimming with sharks or fighting bears, be prepared for that not to happen. It’s all well and good making plans, but if you get to the resort and you find you’re unwilling to leave the poolside bar, you won’t be too disappointed.

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7. DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER. Wherever you choose, remember you’re on your honeymoon with your husband or wife. I’d have gone camping under the stars with my wife if it meant 10 days away with her. Is where you are really that important?