Life is what happens while you’re busy makin...

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans

Oh dear oh dear. I never thought it would happen, but it seems I’ve abandoned this place. So what’s been going on in my life these last two weeks?

Work has been busy. It’s not enough to just come in and do a job when you work for a family business. Not if you want to ensure everyone can still get paid at the end of the month. So there have been late nights, weekend calls, and a lot of training introducing two new members of staff to the ins and outs of the place. It’s been stressful and has taken up a good chunk of my time but I’m hoping things will settle over the next few months.

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Moving out moving in
I moved out of my starter flat (I call it this as it was the first place I’d ever lived in on my own). It was a converted ground floor flat with a mini kitchen, mini living room and a bush in the garden that all the honeybees loved.

It was a massive achievement. After the end of a long-term relationship, which saw me move into his place at 18-years-old straight from my family home, and the start of a new relationship which brought with it a struggle finding work in the Midlands, it meant a lot of growing up was done in 2013. I was totally responsible for how my life panned out sans family/partner to help. The freedom it afforded me was great though, and I learnt just how independent and strong a person I was. I didn’t need a relationship or friends to rely on as I once thought. If I could change the past of course I would, but wishes are for children and don’t help the present so my growing up has been one of yes, getting near thirty, but more importantly one of becoming more mature.

Last weekend the fiancé moved in, and after a three hour drive with a van man who was clearly setting the world to rights we’re a bit more settled this week, getting into a new routine of ‘oh yeah, I forgot I needed to make dinner for two’. Behold the chaos.

Wedding plans
Weddings, I’m sure, are a “celebration” designed to stress out otherwise sane women and men and test their relationship to the extremes. Fortunately, my fiancé and I share extremely similar views on life and the future. So although our ceremony will be little (not little enough for me, as I’ll be missing my beach wedding in Bora Bora), it’s not come without its stresses. Dull flowers costing a bomb, dresses costing way more, and all the things on Pinterest screaming out to be bought otherwise can you really call it an actual wedding if there isn’t a five tiered cake, sweetie table, flowers for one and all, vintage bunting and a photobooth?

To me, having already been married once before and having that big celebration organised by everyone else with friends of cousins of friends of who are you attending, a wedding should be shared with the people who love you. It should be an event both of you look back on and think yeah, although there have been massive compromises from both of us, we’re happy with the ways it’s panning out. Because it’s not about the day (anyone can hold a party) it’s about the years to come.

I’ll just be glad when it’s over and my new passport arrives. Speaking of passports…

Let’s just fly away
Day by day the urge to satisfy my wanderlust that’s been ever-present in my life gets stronger.  England, as gorgeous as it is, bores me. I want a new challenge, new adventure, and to be absorbed in new cultures. Asia will always hold a special place in my heart as the start of stretching out my wings, but having only spent 6 months total in Thailand, there’s so much more to see and do. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma (if possible) and southern China are on the hit list, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and the little islands dotted around the Pacific.

The world is as small as it is big. And the more travel bloggers I follow who have jumped ship and forgotten about 9-5 in favour of ‘let’s jump on this plane’ makes me think why not? Life is short. And I’m already approaching thirty without having done hardly anything off my imaginary ever-changing list of stuff to do. I want to learn to surf properly, to make Vietnamese food like a pro and catch some rays on an Aussie beach. I want to travel to the top of the world, and explore the deepest caves. A week off here and there doesn’t cut it, and while all inclusive little breaks are needed and a lovely treat, I can’t wait to make plans to pack a backpack and never return (well, maybe return).

So that’s me. What about you?